Thursday, June 3, 2010

My Thursday Five

My five “happy’s” for this week:






1. I may not always like the extreme heat and humidity, but I am so glad summer is here! I love the summer season and the television shows that have started!

2. We had a landscaper friend of ours here yesterday to look at the backyard and begin planning our new patio – I’m a little nervous to get the cost estimates, because it’s slightly larger than originally thought out, and there’s a LOT of wall stones going up, but I can’t stop daydreaming about being out there and enjoying the summer at my new house located in my awesome neighborhood.

3. I’m very excited to find out about some possible new writing opportunities, that might even make me some extra cash, even if only a little! I’ll be sure to follow up with an update on that once I figure it all out and get started.

4. I’m so thankful for two things this week (don’t care if that’s cheating a little…) – my very generous grandmother who paid for my new tire after an unfortunate incident with one last week (my third flat tire in 2 years!), saving me $146, and my hubby who made me feel really good with such a small comment today about how he enjoys reading my blog. Maybe he’s supposed to say that because he’s my husband, but the way he said it really made me feel special anyway. :)

5. I am absolutely “stoked” to get all the furnishings for above mentioned patio, and have a small (or not so small…) party once it’s all finished!

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I’ve had some aggravations and upsets this week as well, but since this is all about happy things today, I won’t get into them. At least the happy things outweighed the other stuff this week. I am also planning something a little different for my “Favorite Kitty Pic Friday!” post tomorrow, so please check it out and hopefully it works (or at least will be the start of something great)!

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