Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father’s Day (and other weekend stuff…)

I am skipping “Getting To Know You Sunday” this week because otherwise this post would be too much of a mish mosh of things, and probably very lengthy (already fairly so to begin with).  If you would like to participate though, head on over to MannLand5 for the questions and linky!

I am starting my week lonely.  Hubby went back to NJ for the week this morning to show his face in the office.  He left this morning and won’t be back until Saturday afternoon sometime.  So far we’ve only done this once before since we moved, and it wasn’t too bad (thankfully I live near my parents, other relatives, and participate in my baton twirling group now), but I still don’t like it and I am really hoping the week goes very fast.

So, yesterday we spent the day together, away from our computers, and enjoyed each other’s company.  We got a surprise call from my dad to let us know Lowe’s had their grills on sale this weekend and we should go meet them there to look at two, pick which one we wanted, and they would buy it for us for our anniversary present.  Awesome!  Especially because one of our choices was either the same one or very similar to the one we chose last year and never bought.  One less thing for us to worry about and purchase for our future patio.  We were also going to look at shades for the front porch, and totally drove right past the store forgetting we wanted to stop there.  I looked at them today, and didn’t really like them anyway, so the search for affordable shades will continue.  We ate dinner at On The Border, and we never get alcoholic drinks out in restaurants, but yesterday we decided to splurge a little.  Their red sangria is delicious!  Then we moved on to the mini golf course, and managed to totally tie each other with our scores.  Afterwards was a cool down treat of peanut butter frozen yogurt.  Needless to say, the Wii Fit was not happy with me this morning…hoping for a better week while I’m by myself.

Now – Happy Father’s Day!  (I must point out that it seems kind of backwards to me that I would be getting the grill on Father’s Day….but thanks again Dad!)  As I said in my Mother’s Day post, we’re not a real mushy/lovey family, so on here will be as mushy as I get with this.  I even got my dad a funny card this year:











I did write a nice note on the more serious side, thanking him for everything he has done for us in our new house and at our old apartment, and told him I am very lucky and grateful to have him as my dad.  I have always been closer to my dad than my mom.  I guess I’m definitely a “Daddy’s Little Girl” – but he and I were a lot more alike than me and my mom.  We have actual conversations, intelligent ones, and whenever I needed help with homework he was the one working out the problems with me, he was the one building and creating my dance recital backdrops, baton routine props, and always made sure to be at every show, recital, practice, etc.  Now that I’m older, I’m realizing more just how much he has done for me and is willing to give of himself.  So, if he doesn’t know by now, I hope he reads this post and finds out how much I appreciate having him for my dad.  Here is my favorite picture of us:

322 And since I wouldn’t be here without my grandfathers too, I celebrate Father’s Day in memory of them as well.  I never met my dad’s father since he died before I was even born, but I have been told I would have thought him great.  My mom says he cursed her though – she was never a fan of red hair, and before she was pregnant with me, he told her she was going to have a red head….and here I am!  It’s strictly genetics, but it’s still a cute story.  :)  Grandpop Weaver

My other grandfather passed away 3 years ago, 3 months before my wedding.  He was the most generous and loving man I have ever met.  Here is what I had the pastor read at his funeral (there was no way I could read it myself…to be honest – this is the first time I’m re-reading it myself without the tears, which is why I felt I could share it now):

“I was asked for memories of my Pop Pop, but how can you put 25 years worth of memories into words?  There are too many of them to really share, some trivial, and some involving milestones in my life.  What I believe is most important to remember about him and take with me throughout my life is what kind of man he was.  I will always remember him for his kind and caring nature, his sense of humor, his generous heart, and above all, the great love he had for his family.  My Pop Pop had a great spirit that will live on with me for the rest of my life.  But if I had to pick just one specific thing, I guess it would be his hugs.  He always made me feel loved and secure.  I will miss him greatly.”  My Pop Pop…Pop Pop dancing So, Happy Father’s Day to all you dads, soon-to-be dads, and grandfathers out there.  If you’re a woman reading this, I hope you are all as blessed as I am and was with great dads, husbands, and grandfathers.


  1. Such sweet stories... and great photos!

    I'm also intrigued by this peanut butter fro-yo. It sounds delish!

  2. Thanks Brittany! I almost couldn't post some of the photos because they were showing up in my files, but wouldn't show up in the list to add them to the post. Me being computer challenged with no hubby around, I almost gave up, but then I amazed myself and figured out the problem and viola! :) The PB fro-yo is amazing! It's from a little local ice cream place here that has been around forever and a day. When you first taste it, it seems very nutty and not quite so sweet, but it sweetens up with every bite, and it's becoming my favorite ice cream treat to get out somewhere!


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