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My name is Stephanie Ann (Weaver) Sgherza and I was born on July 17th, 1981 in Reading, PA.  I am an only child, and most of the time that's ok with me, but sometimes I wish I had siblings so that my future children would have more aunts/uncles and/or cousins.  I got married on June 16th, 2007, but have been with my husband since July 1999.  We lived in Jackson, NJ from 2006-2009, and currently live in the Reading, PA area in our brand new house with our 2 kitties, Jasper and Dusty.  There is plenty of room here for our small family to grow someday!

I love the performing arts.  When I was 5, I joined Thunderbolts and began twirling baton.  That led me into dancing at The Dance Gallery.  I started taking jazz classes when I was 7, tap when I was 9, and ballet when I was 15.  I always thought I would hate ballet, so I waited to try it until I was older, and I ended up loving it and wishing I would have started earlier in life.  Nowadays I love to teach baton and dance, mostly to young children and beginners.  While I was in school, I also played the clarinet and was a member of chorus.

I went to school in the Muhlenberg School District and was very involved in my high school years.  These activities included concert band, marching band as a majorette (feature twirler my senior year!), chorus, concert chorus, stage crew, UN Club and Science Club early on, Student Volunteer later on, student council, track and field  manager, student athletic training, and art major.  I loved being in the art major program, and I loved being a student athletic trainer.  When it came to college decisions, I was thinking about Athletic Training, or photography.  At the time, I enjoyed Athletic Training so much that I never took the photography class, and decided on that.

I went to West Chester University of PA and majored in Kinesiology/Exercise Science.  I graduated in 2003 with my B.S. - I managed to take a 5 year program along with my Athletic Training internship and extra courses in 4 years time.  It took me a while to get my ATC credentials, but I finally did it!  I was working part time as the middle school Athletic Trainer at Pottsgrove for 3 years, and I enjoyed my job there very much.  The time came for me to move to NJ with my fiance (now husband!), and I got a job as the Assistant Athletic Trainer at Georgian Court University, an all women college.  After the first year things started to change...  I was looking into my future and was not happy with what I could foresee if I stayed in the Athletic Training field.  I felt as though I wouldn't have the family and personal life I wanted, and decided to leave the field.  I keep my certification current, in case I ever change my mind someday, but for now I am a happier person.

Most recently I had been teaching dance classes at various preschools in NJ, and absolutely loved doing that!  In looking at our future again, my husband and I bought our first (and hopefully forever) house and moved back to the Reading, PA area.  I am currently a stay-at-home housewife, trying to get back into teaching dance classes/lessons again.  I am back to teaching at Thunderbolts, and trying to focus on my own business in dance.  I have also started crafting a variety of homemade items, including candles, jewelry, decorated photo frames, and even items for furry feline family members!  It's a fun hobby that I hope to be able to turn into income - for now I have an Artfire site to sell newly made items or I just try to get my pieces out there by word of mouth.  I also have started to get interested in photography again.  I love to snap photos, and though I hardly know anything about being a pro, I like to think I get some good shots every now and again.  Right now I mainly just take nature and still life photos with my little point and shoot digital camera.
I look forward to sharing more with you through my blog, whether it be a day in the life, new photos, or new crafts and craft related articles.  Enjoy your reading!

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