Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Week #2 – Full Day #2

I was very unmotivated again today. I got nothing accomplished, and felt pretty blah. I guess not having hubby around puts me in a slump. I don’t like it. I am hoping tomorrow is a new day and I will be more productive.

I went to bed extremely late last night, which means I got up fairly late today. The kitties didn’t pester me for food yesterday morning, but you better believe Dusty decided to let me know when I had enough sleep for his grumbly belly this morning. One or both of them usually can get pesty in the morning when they want food (“Tubs” is on a diet, so unfortunately for little Dusty, he follows the same feeding now, which usually means no free for all on the food overnight), but this morning Dusty was a whole new level of annoying. He decided to skip pawing my legs and go straight for the head today. Not sure exactly what he was after or trying to accomplish, but he kept standing at my head on my pillow and digging between the pillow under my head and the one propped up against the wall.

The rest of my early afternoon consisted of catching up on “Persons Unknown”. I watched the first three episodes now, and it’s a little slow moving and weird, but I am totally into it. I couldn’t stop from watching all 3 episodes on demand, and excited now to see the next episode. Any of you watching that show? What do you think about it?

I headed out to return my free movie from redbox, and make a quick Target stop. I managed to beat the horrendous thunderstorm to get to my car, but driving home was altogether different. My wipers were going double speed, and I still couldn’t see! The lightning was striking a little too close for comfort to my car, and the thunder was booming so loudly that it scared me! It looked like a waterfall outside. I managed to make it in the house when the rain slowed a tiny bit.

This evening I spent at baton practice, teaching some of the older but newer or newest members. It felt good to be doing something, since I don’t always have a “job” at every practice due to the number of instructors. They’re a good group of girls, and I would love to teach them a new routine, or at least collaborate on one with one of the other instructors. We shall see what becomes of that, however. My hope is to at least be able to collaborate.

The scale was nice to me today and yesterday, but I’m still not back at my lowest weight because this past week/weekend really did me in. I’m not sure how nice it will be to me tomorrow though, since we went somewhere to eat after practice that didn’t really have any great options for low calorie eating.

Now onto “hump day” – hopefully the days after that will go so quickly that I’ll wonder where the time has gone. Hopefully I will also be more motivated to get things accomplished tomorrow.

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  1. Oh boy - sorry to all of you who read this earlier and saw some of my typos! I fixed them now and hopefully none of you noticed before ;) That's one thing that bothers me....typos! I was apparently more sleepy than I thought last night when I posted this...


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