Sunday, May 30, 2010

Still “Lost”, Among Other Things…

250px-Lost_title_card I finally got all caught up on “Lost” today and watched the series finale.  Don’t worry, no major spoilers here if you are a fan of the show and haven’t caught up yet.  But I must say this about it: HUH, WHAT?!?  I thought the finale was going to tie up everything and answer all, but I’m still left with a lot of questions and confusion…  Do any of you watch the show, maybe have some insight on the ending?  Please comment if so!   I sort of understand the very ending, but it makes me question most of the entire series and things that happened – not really sure if I totally understand any of it now!

I’m also not very pleased with a lot of the season finales at the moment.  I feel like in almost every show I watch, someone was either shot or hurt in some way, all of which were good characters who I want to see come back next year!  Again, no real spoilers here, since I know I absolutely hate it when someone spoils it for me.  Also, how on Earth is Supernatural coming back next season – where do you go from the Apocalypse???

I am very excited for this summer of talent shows, including:

275px-So_You_Think_You_Can_Dance.svg and  250px-America's_Got_Talent_logo

I have always loved SYTYCD, and I’m very curious how they are going to run the competition this year by bringing back past contestants to partner with new finalists.  I’m also excited to see Mia Michaels on the judging panel.  Mary Murphy is obviously great at critiquing ballroom dances, but even I was starting to get tired of her constant screaming/screeching!  I will miss seeing Mia’s choreography though – hopefully she will at least create a group routine or something.  As for America’s Got Talent, I have watched every show of every season so far, but have not always been a great “fan” of it due to some of the ridiculous acts they pass through while saying no to some acts that clearly have more talent.  I started liking the show a whole lot more the year they passed through the very first baton twirler, a male twirler at that!  They still say yes to some pretty outrageous acts in the initial auditions, but at least the finalists have been much better and much more deserving (unlike Boy Shakira and Leonid the Magnificent, if you watch and remember those “guys”).  I am glad to see “The Hoff” go and Howie Mandel taking his place.  He should make for some very comedic and entertaining judging.

So, what are some of your favorite shows?  Anything in the finales that you would like to comment about?  Oh – and also very upset that “Heroes” was canceled!  They even showed the preview for the next “chapter” as they call it, but my hubby informed me the other week that it has now been canceled…

On a side note, nothing relating to TV, I had some very yummy peanut butter frozen yogurt on a cone from Schell’s Dairy Swirl tonight.  I had a very low-cal day today, and finally had some calories left to indulge in a sugar free/fat free Rita’s gelati, but they were closed when we got there, so we ended up with the frozen yogurt instead.  However, I have no idea how many calories were in that treat, but it was so good, and I enjoyed every lick of it!   :)  Not sure how the Wii Fit Board will respond to it tomorrow though…

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend!  No plans here this year.  In a way I wish we did have something planned, but no one was doing a picnic this year, and we don’t have the outdoor space ready for something nice yet.  We should start to get somewhere with that on Wednesday though – but I’ll save all that for another post!  Thank you to all the men and women who currently serve or have served our country!

(TV Show logo photos courtesy of their Wikipedia sites)

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