Friday, June 4, 2010

Favorite Kitty Pic Friday! – Newly Enhanced!

It’s Friday again!  This week I’m trying something new with my Favorite Kitty Pic Friday post.  Since I share my favorite kitty photos with you each week, I’d love to start seeing some of your favorite felines and read some quirky little story about them as well!  So, enjoy my picture for the day, grab my “Favorite Kitty Pic Friday!” button, post your own favorite kitty photo and explanation, and click the linky (Click Here to Enter) at the bottom to link up and share!
Favorite Kitty Pic Friday Badge

My photo for the day:
IMG_1945Nap time for Dusty again!  When we first moved into the new house, he seemed frightened of our bed – same one as we had at the apartment - and always jumped off and ran when we would place him on it.  He slowly, and ever so cautiously (as in typical Dusty manner), grew to love sleeping on the bed again and started to make it one of his favorite spots, especially during the winter.  I covered him for the picture, but he looked absolutely adorable in his little cozy spot!
Looking forward to seeing some of your favorite felines (preferably your own, but can be a friend’s or even just a great kitty pic you found – keep in mind re-posting rights)!  I even left the link open until tomorrow night, since I am late in posting this today.


  1. I decided to join in =] I hope it takes off! Looove kitties!

  2. I decided to join in! Hope it takes off =] Loove kitties!

  3. Very cute! Kitties are my bad my husband is alergic:(

    I'm following you from blogflow:)


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