Saturday, September 22, 2012

It's about time...

Hello, hello!  I know I took a very long, unplanned hiatus from this blog.  Motherhood has been quite stressful and busy here.  I finally feel some motivation to want to blog again.  Thank you to those that stuck around and will continue reading as often as I am able to post.  I will do my best from now on to post more.  I have the motivation now, it's just finding the time.  I think the "schedule post" function will come in very handy for me.  I can't promise how often I will post, and I will try to catch things up on here, so just bear with me and I hope you stick around even longer now! 
And here is a recent picture of my little Bean, who is not so little anymore, but a big boy toddler now!  15 months tomorrow!


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