Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thursday Five and Other Things

Thursday Five
My five “happy’s” for this week:






1. I hit my lowest weight yet in my most recent weight loss endeavor! It’s not my overall lowest weight ever, but it is for this attempt! This attempt seems to be working….slowly….but still keeping motivated and now down about 24 pounds!

2. Watching “America’s Got Talent” with my hubby – he never really was a fan of the show and didn’t watch it with me much before, but now that Howie Mandel is a judge, he seems to be enjoying it more with me. I like when he gets into shows with me. :)

3. The baton twirling group I used to perform with, and now volunteer my time helping out and teaching will have their first show of the summer season tomorrow – they are performing a few new brand new routines for the first time, and I’m excited to see how they do!

4. I enjoyed the awesome weather here this afternoon and sat on my porch for a while. When we looked for a house, a front porch was a must have for me, and today I was thankful to have it and be able to enjoy it.

5. Still “stoked” about some possible new writing opportunities that might actually make me a little extra pocket money – I’m still doing my research on them, and figuring them all out, but I’m hoping for some good things to come out of it all.

Now onto the other things:

Jillian Michaels new show, “Losing It with Jillian Michaels'” literally makes me lose it every time! There have only been two episodes so far, but both made me bawl like a baby! She’s one tough cookie, and even just watching it motivates me to get up and do something. Today I did 20 minutes of free step and 10 minutes of free run on the Wii Fit. That equals 1600 steps through the step aerobics and 1.something miles for the run. I later took a long walk with my hubby around our neighborhood. I even stretched! So hopefully my legs won’t be yelling at me tomorrow and I’ll be able to do more.

I also made a new dinner tonight, and I must credit my hubby for the idea, because it came out very yummy. I made a “Taco Turkey Burger” if you must give it a name (and I like the sound of it!). I took extra lean ground turkey and mixed taco seasoning into it, grilled the patties on the Foreman grill, placed them on a wheat hamburger bun and topped them with fat free shredded cheddar cheese and salsa. It was delicious!

Hope you all have a happy Friday tomorrow – I will be doing my “Favorite Kitty Pic Friday” link up again. One person participated last week, which still felt great and I loved seeing her kitties, but I’m hoping for some more this week! If you’re reading this and would like join in, check back tomorrow for it!

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