Friday, June 25, 2010

Week #2 – Full Day #4

I am skipping my (becoming) regular Thursday Five post, because, well, I just wasn’t super happy this week.  With hubby gone I have been a little lonely (even with family around), and feeling kind of blah.  Hopefully next week is better, and maybe I’ll be able to make up for this week with extra “happies”.

I didn’t really accomplish anything today, but at the same time it was also a fairly busy day.  I did get one thing crossed off my list from yesterday though – I made my cucumber salad, and this time it came out really good.  A lot of times I make it lately, it is a little too strong with the vinegar, but still ok to eat and enjoy.  But this time, I think it might have come out perfect for my likings.  If you’re interested in how I make it, I will share with you, just let me know (and be warned – I have no set measurements when it comes to this particular side dish.  It’s all based on your personal tastes).

I did, however, get our goodbye card sent off to the old neighbors – here’s hoping it gets forwarded to them in Panama and doesn’t end up back in my mailbox!  I also did a little shopping for some necessities (groceries, new shower curtain, water sprinkler for the yard), and bought our canopied pergola for the future patio today!  Since we don’t have the patio even started yet, we won’t be able to put it together until that’s completed, but we really wanted to jump on Target’s clearance of it (saving us $180 off the regular price) while they still actually had some in stock.  My other patio dining set did not arrive today, as expected.  Instead, I got the replacement chair for the dented chair from the set of extra ones.  I didn’t expect that chair for another 2 weeks, but it got delivered today already by the most unpleasant miserable DHL driver (any delivery company driver, actually) that I ever met.  So, since the patio set was estimated to arrive on Monday at the latest, I will now have to call Target’s customer service tomorrow afternoon to find out where it is and when it will actually get here.  Not looking forward to doing that…

I ate dinner with my parents tonight at IHOP.  I really like it there, but haven’t gone in a very long time, especially with counting calories and trying to lose weight.  But I agreed to go today since the Wii Fit has been nice to me all week, and enjoy my meal.  Surprisingly, IHOP now has a “For Me” menu section where they have some options under 600 calories – I was thrilled to see that!  I enjoyed the Two x Two x Two For Me meal.  This combo included the egg substitution equivalent of 2 scrambled eggs, 2 slices of turkey bacon without any grease, and 2 buttermilk pancakes.  I did splurge a little and enjoyed the butter on them as well as the butter pecan syrup.  That stuff is the best syrup I’ve ever had!  Yummy….

We might have new neighbors very soon too.  Today I saw the for sale signs removed from the house next door, and this evening we saw a man with his son and daughter mowing the lawn.  It certainly was too fast for the house to actually sell and have settlement since the for sale signs were still in the yard yesterday, but the property did have a lease option, so I’m thinking that’s what happened with it.  Hopefully the old neighbors get to make a little profit from this whole uprooting if they really did lease it.  They seemed nice, so hopefully they really are and won’t start setting off fireworks or having loud parties.  That’s the one thing I fear with neighbors.  We thought we had it made with the neighbors we had, but with the family next door moving, it changes things and makes me nervous.  I specifically point out the fireworks and loud parties because we dealt with that at the apartment.  I am so afraid someone else is going to do something stupid and set my house on fire.  I guess we’ll find out soon enough!

Tomorrow I’m hoping to crack down and get a lot more accomplished.  I better tuck my motivation in a drawer before it runs off to play hide and seek again!  Favorite Kitty Pic Friday coming up – find your favorite kitty photo and join me in sharing!  (*Hint – if you don’t have your own furry feline family member, I Can Has Cheezbuger has codes under all the pictures to allow you to add it to your blog.  Those are acceptable too   :)  )

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  1. Visiting from Lady Blogger's Society! nice bLOG!!
    It's nice to "meet" you!
    Hope I'll be seeing soon.
    I need to find some motivation 2.
    The dishes and laundry are calling my name!


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