Friday, June 11, 2010

Favorite Kitty Pic Friday!

It’s that time of the week again! I’m doing the linky again – last week I had one participant (may not seem like much, but still awesome to me!), so this week I’m looking for more! The point is to choose one photo of your kitties, a friend’s kitty, or even just a great kitty photo that you love (keep in mind copyrights and re-publishing rights), grab the button above, post it on your blog with an explanation of the photo or a cute/funny story about your favorite feline, and link that post up to the list below. Check out fellow bloggers kitties, share your own, and remember that this is a weekly thing, so get ready with those pics and participate as often as possible!
Here’s my choice today:
Jasper napping, yet again… You would think all my cats do is sleep, and well, in Jasper’s case, it’s true! It’s no surprise we call him “Tubs” or say he does the “fatty shuffle” when he tries to jog off somewhere. This was a nap from just this past week, and I just had to snap it – he looked so sweet!
Your turn….can’t wait to see!


  1. Sorry I missed your kitty contest, I actually wanted to submit a pic but I was gone all day. I love my kitties! I'm adding your kitty button to my animal/pet site.

  2. I sent you a message, Stacy and Carol, but for anyone else reading that maybe came across the same issue - I will probably extend the linky list until Saturday this week, and hopefully more people will join and share.

  3. I need to take some recent pics of my cat, named Waffles -- he's 20+ pounds of mean, lazy tomcat that my son rescued when he was a teeny tiny kitten of only about 3 weeks old. Had we known then...LOL

  4. Cute kitties. We have two outside cats. One is getting older than the hills, and the other loves to stalk squirrels.

    Blog Flow following, Peace. :)


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