Friday, February 25, 2011

Favorite Kitty Pic Friday!

Happy Friday!  I totally missed doing this post last week (and thanks to my newfound lack of memory, I can’t even remember why I missed it!  Thanks pregnancy brain!), and I had other posts I wanted to do this week, but I feel so behind on everything at the moment.  My Google Reader was up to almost 400 posts unread (!), my laundry feels very neglected along with dirty dishes and all other housecleaning (when’s this nesting thing supposed to kick in??), but we did accomplish something this past week.  The smaller amount of the work I did has taken up all of my energy too.  We prepped the walls of the nursery, picked out a paint color, painted, touched it up, and now it’s ready for a good clean out of all the paint supplies, vacuuming, and finally furniture!  I plan to do a post about that later though…
So, that has been my week.  My hips are not thanking me for it, and I don’t seem to have the energy for much more right now. 
Here’s my choice for the week:
IMG_1675 Oh, Jasper, the positions you put yourself in.  This is how he washes his belly (amongst other things…) and I actually found out it’s called the “Buddha position”.  He certainly has the Buddha belly for it!  (Don’t mind the mess around him – this was back at the apartment, and probably right around putting up the Christmas tree.)
Hope you all have a nice weekend!  Today seems pretty dreary here, and I really need to get that room cleaned up for the furniture to go in this weekend, hopefully.  Have a great Friday!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Favorite Kitty Pic Friday!

It’s Friday again!  This week has been a pretty lazy week for me.  I really need to find my motivation, or energy, whatever it is I’m lacking in order to get stuff done around here.  I haven’t done any new crafts, I have no desire to clean at all (when’s this nesting thing supposed to start to kick in??), and there are times I don’t even feel like going anywhere.  I’m hoping spring will start to show itself and bring back my motivation with it, before I grow to big to be able to do certain things!
My pictures this week came from just last night.  They aren’t the greatest shots, but it was just funny, and I had to capture it somehow.  Hubby was sitting on the recliner with his feet up and a blanket over his legs.  Jasper loves blankets, and Dusty loves to sit on laps in the evening.  So, this was the result:
dusty in lap Dusty was finally able to settle into a little hole in Hubby’s lap.  You see that big lump pressed against his right side?

full lap of kitties

That big lump was Jasper’s big behind!  Under the blanket.  Jasper was there first, and Dusty sort of intruded in on the snuggles, but Hubby had a very full lap!  Of course, Jasper got sick of it and jumped off after a few minutes.

Hope you all have a nice weekend.  We will be heading to Baby Safety Day at Babies R Us tomorrow, and probably ordering the nursery furniture this weekend now anyway.  We weren’t planning on getting it quite yet, but I got a coupon last night that gives you a $250 gift card when you make a furniture purchase of $1299 or more and use your rewards card.  I think we’ll be taking advantage of that deal!  Have a good weekend!   :)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Spoiled Bean!

I said the other day in my latest baby update that we already purchased a few things for Bean, but I would save it for another post.  Well, tonight is that post, and Bean is getting spoiled already!    :)

The very first thing we bought was the crib set we wanted because we saw Babies R Us drastically reduced the price.  We ended up with the other stuff we wanted for the nursery as well, because it turns out that that particular theme was actually put on clearance and would no longer be available very soon.  We picked out a gender neutral theme, especially since we didn’t even know what Bean is at the time we bought it.  So we ended up leaving the store that day with the crib set, window valance, wall decals, and mobile, all for about $120.  We took advantage of the clearance and also had a 10% coupon, so we got all 4 items for less than the original cost of the crib set (a whopping $190!!  our bedding wasn’t nearly that pricey and there’s more material involved!).  We decided to go with a Classic Pooh theme, which looks a little like this:

(Shows the mobile and valance – we didn’t get the diaper stacker, though it’s on our list, and we didn’t get the wall art or lamp.  We already have lamps in that room and we bought the wall decals instead.)

I saw a few other Classic Pooh sets on Amazon, but I’m very glad we got this one.  I really really like it and I think it will look great with the furniture we picked out.  Speaking of furniture, my mom just informed me tonight that my grandmother has offered to buy Bean’s crib, and my uncle has offered to buy the 2 dressers/changing table!  That was very unexpected, but very appreciated, especially since we picked out furniture that costs a lot more than the original pieces we looked at.  We won’t have those pieces until we paint the room, but here’s what they look like:


The color isn’t quite right on the last dresser picture.  The real life color is most similar to the crib and changing table/dresser.  We decided to go with a piece like that because even though just having the pad on top of a dresser without rails holding it in place makes me a little nervous, we figured this was more the lifetime way to go.  The crib converts into a toddler bed, daybed, and full size headboard/bed.  The set is by Babi Italia.

We also bought a few pieces of clothing already!  Target had some stuff on sale last week, and Old Navy had a sale this week, along with a coupon that I got from Facebook.  So we bought this little sleeper from Target:

Product Image CI NBB Stripe Daddy SNP Adriatic Blue

Hubby loved it!  So we just had to get it.  We got it in a 6 month size because Bean will be born at the beginning of summer, and since it’s long sleeves and long pants with feet, we figured this was better for fall/winter, and he will be 6 months old around Christmas.  If he fits into it sooner due to his growth and size, it will still work out for fall!



And then I was perusing Old Navy’s website and found these adorable onesies that I decided I just had to go to the store and buy during their sale with my coupon:

Purchased the 0-3 month size in this since it’s light weight and will hopefully fit him through the summer months.








And this one, which we purchased in the 3-6 month size, hoping to get some longer wear out of it.  We figured if it still fits him in fall/winter, we can always put a little sweatshirt over top to go out since it’s short sleeve.  But if Bean was going to have at least one piece of clothing that says he loves his daddy, he was definitely going to have at least one pertaining to me!:

I absolutely love these two items!  They also seem a little more gender neutral to me, so I could picture a boy wearing them or a girl, if we ever end up with one of those one day!   :)   I have always thought koalas were adorable, and to see them on these things just made it even cuter!

We also bought a navy blue sweatshirt there off the clearance rack in the 6-9 month size for next fall/winter.  Who could pass up an Old Navy baby hooded sweatshirt for $3.99?? 

I hope I have been buying appropriate sized clothing, especially since we have no idea how big Bean will be when he’s born, or how quickly he will grow.  Any advice you have on that topic would be appreciated (so would knowing if the sizes I already bought seem to make sense)!

That’s all for now, and might be for a while, or until the shower, unless someone else advertises a good sale or throws another coupon my way.   ;)

(Photos courtesy of Babies R Us, Target, and Old Navy’s websites)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Half Way!

I’m officially 20 weeks and 3 days along in my pregnancy, so half way there (unless Bean decides to come earlier or later)!  We went for the 20 week ultrasound this past Thursday, and everything (according to the tech) looked normal and good.  We also found out gender, and surprised my parents on Saturday with this:

DSCF0050 From the moment they opened the cake box, my mom blurted out, “It’s a girl!”  She saw lots of pink, and even though there’s yellow and blue represented as well, she just kept saying it had to be a girl.  So, I had my dad cut into it to reveal if my mom was correct, and it’s officially a…

gender cake blog pic My mom’s response was classic…  As soon as she saw that blue icing, she yells out, “Oh S%#*T!”.  LOL – classic and typical response from my mom.  She wanted a granddaughter I guess, mainly she said because she “doesn’t want to get peed on!”, but I don’t think she really minds.  My dad didn’t have a preference either way, but he said he was hoping it was a girl for my sake, because he knew I wanted a girl, and I’m into dance and baton twirling and all things girly.  But I think he’s happy to have a grandson.  He was along the day we went to Babies R Us to add some stuff to the registry, which was before we knew the gender, and he saw a bib that had a car on it and said “Lil Dude”, which he decided that if we were having a boy, he was just going to have to get that bib.  Well, according to my mom, after he found out it was a boy, he continued to talk to her about going for that bib!   :)   Not sure if it really was purchased yet or not, but I see a Lil Dude in my future!   :)

As for hubby and I, as I mentioned before we both wanted a girl because I know a little more about dealing with girls and such, and he liked the fact that he could rely on my knowledge of girls.  But from the very beginning, as I stated before, I just knew it was going to be a boy, even though he thought girl because of a dream he had.  I later had a dream that reaffirmed boy to me – we were eating dinner and Bean was a little older, old enough to eat a bowl of peas on his own.  All of a sudden he decides to smush his face down into the bowl of peas, and the dream ended.  Bean was not wearing anything but a diaper during this dream, and there was no indication otherwise that it was a boy, but in the dream I just knew he was a he!  So, hubby feels a little bad about being wrong I think, but I just knew it all along.  Did I want a girl?  Yes.  Am I disappointed it’s a boy?  Not really.  If I had my heart set on girl and thought that all along, I might feel that way, but I’m just happy now and can’t wait to meet him!  Hubby even said Bean was allowed to dance and twirl baton if it’s something he really wanted to try of his own free will.  Maybe we will still have a little tap dancer in our future anyway!   ;)

The tech took all the measurements, and really walked us through what she was looking at.  We saw his brain, kidneys, stomach, liver (I think?), mouth and nose, arms and legs, little feet, and of course his heart, which was beating at 156 bpm – everything looked normal.  She said I have an anterior placenta, which explains my lack of feeling big movement yet, especially coupled with the fact that I have some extra padding to begin with.  I swear I felt something around Christmas, but not much at all.  The days leading up to my US, I felt some more, but it felt very faint, and I would feel it in 2 different spots, so I really wasn’t sure what was going on.  Turns out the twitches I was feeling higher to the side of my belly button are kicks and the twitches lower beneath my belly button are punches.  Bean’s head seemed to be way down low in my pelvic area, and he’s sort of diagonally upside down in there with his feet on the left side of my belly button area.  Let’s hope he stays that direction and doesn’t turn around to breech!  She said he weighs approximately 11 ounces now, which from things I read is right along where he should be.  I am really hoping he grows big enough, but I also am hoping not too big because I really don’t want to have to go through a C-section for that particular reason.

20 week US 001 You can see his spine just below the word “stomach”, but unfortunately he was laying sideways, so we were basically seeing the front of his face, which on these scans doesn’t show much detail.  She tried to get him to roll over so she could get a side view/profile picture, but he just wouldn’t cooperate there.  At least he cooperated here:

Bean's gender 001 

Definitely a boy!

It’s fun adding stuff to the registry now that we know what he is, but we are still sticking to some neutral things, for a day that #2 may come along, and might be the opposite.  We did buy a few things already, which set the theme for the nursery.  More to come on that in another post though!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Favorite Kitty Pic Friday!

Happy Friday!  This week felt pretty long while it was happening, but now that it’s Friday, I feel like I just did this post yesterday!  We had some really icy weather this week, and apparently a little more is coming tomorrow, then some more snow later on in the week (but I don’t know about any kind of accumulation for those days yet).  I haven’t been shoveling at all because of being pregnant, but I feel bad for hubby since he's on his own with a not-so-great back to begin with.  Luckily my dad lives close by and has been helpful.
So, anyway, back to what this post is about.  Here is my choice for this week:
img152 Meet Cody again.  If you don’t remember his last post, he was the cat my parents and I had while I still lived with them.  He is no longer with us, but was one very cool cat.  I can’t remember where I was packing to go at this time, but he used to do this often enough.  I guess he wanted to go along too!  I could never seem to get a really good picture of him with his eyes looking normal, but really his eyes weren’t like this.  This is just another one of my favorite photos of him.
I hope you all have a nice weekend, and hopefully some better weather!  Big baby update coming very soon!   :)


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