Monday, October 11, 2010

Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

If you didn’t already know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Since I know people who have either conquered breast cancer or are currently fighting it, I decided I wanted to create things this month that I could donate profits from to the American Cancer Society.  I am currently working on some wine charms that I hope to have finished and posted by the end of this evening or tomorrow, but for now I opened up another, different Cafe Press Shop where I can put designs I create on other merchandise.  It is separate from my Photography Gifts site, and currently has 1 design related to breast cancer on a variety of products ranging from clothing to mugs to buttons/magnets.  Depending on the item, I will donate anywhere from $0.25 to $1.00 for each item sold (amount depends on the item), so the more I sell, the more I can donate!  I created this design using the obvious pink ribbon, the symbol for breast cancer awareness, but also with the yellow flowers because they were the closest looking flowers to Pear Blossoms, which is apparently the flower representing “hope”.   

You can visit the shop here: 

And here is a preview of what you’ll find in the shop: 

"Think Pink" Women's V-Neck T-Shirt

    "Think Pink" Hooded Sweatshirt

"Think Pink" Mug

       "Think Pink" Tote Bag

So, hurry up and show your support for cancer research!  Cafe Press currently has a sale through Oct. 13th – get 15% off all orders $60 or more – so while your checking out my shops, you might find some cool Halloween stuff while you’re there! 

I would like to start creating more designs, so after October 31st, 2010, the items and designs are subject to change.  I will most likely keep a few “Think Pink” items in the shop, but I will be working on other designs as well.  Unfortunately, I only have a basic shop, so I can only have a product listed with one design, meaning I can’t have coffee mugs listed with 2 or more different designs (once a design is put on a coffee mug, you can’t create another coffee mug with a different design).

Check it out!    :)    More to come on those wine charms later…

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