Friday, October 1, 2010


Not from me, but it caught your attention, didn’t it?!? But there seriously is a giveaway going on. I waited a little too long to do this post (mainly because I wanted to mention it in earlier posts, and I totally forgot – sorry!), so I’m not sure who will see it in enough time to be able to enter themselves, but if you don’t see it in enough time to enter, you should still check out her blog and her other sites (Avon, photography, Etsy shop)!

Laura, at Army Wife Life is hosting a giveaway featuring two different items. She is a great photographer, so one item up for grabs is a beautiful blossom print, photographed by herself, and she is also an Avon rep, so the other item to choose from is a new perfume pendant with Fergie’s new scent hidden inside. Both items are beautiful! She has a few ways to get entries into the giveaway (this method being one of them!), but the deadline to enter is midnight tonight, so hurry up – but again, if you see this too late, sorry! Still check out her other sites!

Giveaway post is linked here.

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