Friday, October 8, 2010

Favorite Kitty Pic Friday!

TGIF again!  I’m looking forward to the beautiful weather predicted for this weekend, and my yearly day trip to Ocean City, NJ.   :)
I have one bad kitty, let me tell you…  I have a paper bag full of the old newspaper/ads for recycling.  It’s my best way to get rid of that stuff when the time comes that my bag is full and recycling gets picked up.  Well, Jasper is one mischievous kitty – I’ll let the photos explain (this week you get a photo series, not just one picture):
IMG_2659[1]I put the bag up on an empty chair because he was going after it on the floor…he decided he needed to go after it on the chair too…
Then the trouble began…
IMG_2660[1]One good chomp…
IMG_2661[1]   IMG_2662[1] And the bag is history!  (Keep in mind that he already started to shred it before, which is why I decided to snap these photos instead of stopping him, but that nice big hole you clearly see – that’s the newest result of that one big chomp!)
IMG_2663[1]But look Momma, now I has a comfy place for my paws!”
IMG_2664[1]And I can stretch out so nicely now too!" – that’s one content kitty…
If you want to participate too, just grab the code and the button up top and create your own blog post to link up here in the comments, or leave a comment with a link to your favorite kitty pic.  Hope you all have a fun weekend!

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