Sunday, October 3, 2010

New design!

So, I finally picked, tested and applied a new design to my blog!  If you’re reading through Google Reader, as I tend to do, go check it out!  This one might not be permanent either, as I would really like to learn and figure out creating one from scratch on my own someday, but thanks to The Cutest Blog on the Block, I got this free background to pretty up my blog.  I always love seashore/seashell stuff, so that’s why I picked it.  It doesn’t quite look like it did in the sample they provided, which I really liked a lot, but some of it shows, enough to make it nicer than the kind of drab theme I had before.

I’ve had a pretty lazy weekend – but I haven’t been feeling my best, and even though today was much better than yesterday, I still need to call my doctor tomorrow.  I won’t go into it much more than that on here, so if you really need to know TMI, feel free to ask (but leave your e-mail address, because I won’t explain in comments on here either)!  I wanted to make these Caramel Apple Cookies this weekend, but that hasn’t happened yet, and probably won’t now until I get in touch with the doctor tomorrow and figure that whole issue out.  I’m cutting down some of the calories though by making mine with the Splenda Brown Sugar Blend and regular granulated Splenda, as well as egg substitute, so when I do have them made and taste-tested, I will let you know how mine came out and will try to come up with the calorie counts.  Thanks Smashed Peas and Carrots for sharing this recipe – they made my mouth water and I can’t wait to try them!

So,  what do you think of the new design?  And how about those cookies??  If that isn’t a fall recipe to love…   :)

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