Friday, October 1, 2010

Favorite Kitty Pic Friday!

Happy Friday!  Hubby has off today, actually every Friday this month, as a result of too much vacation time left that needed to be used up or lost.  So, we’ll be going for his haircut, and hoping the weather is nice enough to enjoy the patio, make a fire in the fire bowl for s’mores – maybe test the grill since it took a spill in the wind yesterday.  Nothing too exciting today, unless you count our very first fire in the fire bowl exciting…I kind of do…
We might go to Ocean City, NJ for the day tomorrow with my parents, depending on how my mom’s legs feel.  She fell the other week and really banged up her legs badly, on top of all her other issues, so if they are hurting her or swelling up too much, our daytrip might have to wait for another weekend.  We’ll see today.
Here’s my kitty pic for this week:
IMG_2654[1] Up close and personal with Dusty!  I was sitting in front of hubby on the floor the other night, so he could play with my hair (yes, he does that for me, and I absolutely love it!), and Dusty decided it was his turn for some petting, so he jumped up on hubby’s lap and took over his attention.  I had the camera right there, so I decided to try to snap some up close pics of him while he was actually awake.  Poor Dusty, little did he know that said camera would soon land on his head!  It got dropped while passing it, hit him on the head, and he totally freaked!  He was jumpy and scared the rest of the night.  Thankfully he’s ok, no serious injury other than a possibly sore noggin.  We just don’t know if he’ll ever jump up on hubby’s lap on the sofa ever again…
If you’d like to share in the fun, grab the button above and create your own post, then link up here in a comment or just leave a comment with a link to a photo you’d like to share if it’s somewhere on the web!  Hope everyone has a fun-filled weekend ahead!

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