Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Happy Hump Day!

Hi all!  Hope you had a good Wednesday, whatever it is you ended up doing today.  I finally got my rear in gear to clean up some things, and after I was finished I felt a lot better about how those areas of the house looked and I felt somewhat accomplished.  I did not, by any means, cross off everything from my to-do list, so I will just pick up tomorrow where I left off today.

One thing I managed to cross off my list today was to go to the craft store.  I have been wanting to create something that I could try to sell and give profits from the sale of that item or items to the American Cancer Society.  I know people who have either conquered or are fighting breast cancer, and since this is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it prompted me to think of this.  So today I headed to the craft store and bought some pink beads and some hoops for wine charms (along with a few other supplies).  The weather here has been really dreary recently, as I mentioned before, so I haven’t felt like doing much, so I’m hoping tomorrow’s nicer weather and these new supplies kick starts me into crafting and getting quite a few other things crossed off my to-do list.

We never made it to Ocean City, NJ this past weekend because my mom’s legs are still bothering her, and it was probably a good thing in the end anyway since I started to not “feel well” Saturday morning.  She would have been miserable and after the weekend I had, I might have been even more miserable than her!  So, since I’m now feeling better and this weekend’s weather is supposed to be gorgeous (78 and sunny!), hubby and I will be going on our own without my parents.  I like to go every year to walk the boardwalk, visit the shops, and eat junk I shouldn’t have.  The one thing I look forward to the most is eating dinner at Ike’s Seafood.  I saw them on a Food Network show once, so we decided to find them and try it out.  Best crabcakes and fries/chips ever!  Unfortunately, I didn’t get to eat there when we went last year because we got to them a lot earlier than they were opening for the day, and we couldn’t really sit around and wait for them to open.  Since we’re going in the off season again this year, I’m anticipating a late opening of Ike’s again, so we will adjust our departure time and such so that we can actually eat there for dinner this year.  And the weekend after that we’ll be going to the PA Renaissance Faire, as long as the weather holds out.  That was going to be the Sunday activity this past weekend too, but then I wasn’t feeling well and the weather forecast kept changing, and again, my mom has a ticket to go too and wasn’t up to walking around.

So anyway, look for some new items coming – I’m hoping to make tomorrow a very productive day!

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