Monday, May 17, 2010

At Home Chinese “Take Out”

I recently discovered Hungry Girl, and I absolutely love her! My hubby and I love Chinese food (he loves it even more than me), so I have been trying to figure out Chinese-like recipes to make at home since we are dieting, with no great similarities to really satisfy the craving. Hungry Girl does a lot of healthier, lower calorie alternatives for favorite fast foods and restaurant meals. So I turned to her website for recipes for some of our favorite Chinese take out choices. I found some awesome recipes, and we tried them 2 nights ago. We picked 4 items off the "menu", which now in retrospect was too many. Each individual recipe seems fairly quick and easy enough, but combine all 4 together, and it took a couple hours to prepare! Thankfully, my hubby was a great help with chopping, prepping, rolling, and even made one of the recipes totally by himself! Anyone that knows us knows that he does not cook at all, so I was pleasantly surprised and grateful. Even with his help, however, we still didn't eat until about 10pm...
Our meal consisted of:
-"Wowowow! Wonton Soup"
-"Shrimpylicious Egg Rolls"
-"Crab Rangoonies"
-"So Low Mein w/Chicken"
(all named by and courtesy of Hungry Girl)
The amount of food was ridiculous! I couldn't even finish it all, and neither could he, but the meal was supposed to be 611 calories for one serving of each item. The serving sizes were as follows:
-2 wontons with 1 cup of "soup" (broth and veggies)
-2 egg rolls
-4 crab rangoons
-1/4 of the total amount of lo mein (I used my very large chicken fryer pan to make it, and the whole recipe filled the pan pretty well)
Imagine what the calorie count, fat content, and sodium would have been for the same amount of food from a real Chinese take out place!
The egg rolls were probably our least favorite part of the whole meal, especially because I'm not a huge fan of egg rolls to begin with, and Joe is so he had high expectations for them. Our favorite part: the crab rangoons! They were awesome!


IMG_2185                IMG_2186

I don’t know much about her copyrights and such, so if I’ve peaked your interest in her at all, just search for “Hungry Girl”, and you should have no problem finding her site.  She also has books published available for purchase at multiple locations.  I’m excited to try her version of corn dogs next – I even bought the appropriate hot dogs already!   :)

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