Friday, May 7, 2010

Favorite Kitty Pic Friday!

So, I decided to do what I mentioned in my previous post introducing my kitties, and even kept the name. Every Friday, if possible, I will post a favorite picture of one or both of my kitties. I will try to tell you something about the particular kitty or give an explanation of the photo. If I can't think of something to say about them that day, there will be another fun cat fact or saying - and if I really can't seem to pick a picture of my kitties for the day, I will share a different funny or cute kitty picture that I find elsewhere. So to kick off Favorite Kitty Pic Friday, here you go!

This is Dusty during one of the first few days after we brought them home. We were living in our apartment at the time, and Joe walked into the bathroom to find this! Dusty apparently found the tissue box on the back of the toilet very cozy and comfy. I caught him in there at least one or two other times after this picture was taken. He was so little and cute! He's a bit bigger now, but still the smaller of the two, and definitely still cute! :)

They both bring a smile to my face at least once a day, so I'm hoping in sharing some of their cute or silly photos, they can at least bring a smile to you once a week. Enjoy Favorite Kitty Pic Friday!

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