Thursday, May 20, 2010

20! And other things…

I finally reached 20! Not 20 years old…hit that almost 9 years ago. 20 pounds! I finally made it to the 20 pound mark in my weight loss, yay! I struggled a lot to reach that over the past 2 weeks. Even when I was really good with what I ate, I just seemed to stay kind of stagnant, or even increase in weight, but I finally made it today! I certainly have a long, long way to go, even a lot more just to reach the shorter term goal I had, but 20 pounds shed seems like a good milestone to me. I was very happy with my Wii Fit today. :) I’m headed to my in-laws on Sunday until Tuesday for my brother-in-law’s college graduation, and low-cal eating is never much of an option at their place, so we’re trying to plan in advance and take food options with us, hoping to avoid any big setbacks. I really need to stay on track as much as and as often as possible, so here’s hoping for the best from this visit!

I also got my biopsy results yesterday from my dermatology appointment, and I’m very happy to say that everything came back normal! That’s a huge sigh of relief on my part. I do still have to go back in November for a re-check on all my current spots, but if everything still looks good then, I most likely will only have to go back once a year or every other year.

Happy news all around so far this week. Tomorrow is Favorite Kitty Pic Friday, so remember to check back for your weekly dose of cute/funny! I still need to pick a photo, thinking I’ll feature Dusty again since Jasper had the spotlight last week.

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