Monday, August 30, 2010

“I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!”

Quote from “Zoolander”.  I’ve never seen the movie, but I will give you some insight as to where this came from.

My hubby has caught a cold.  Not a great time to be sick either, and I’m really hoping I don’t end up with it too.  But today he said he was feeling lousy, and I asked if he took any medicine.  When he said “no” and that he didn’t know what to take, this is parts of the conversation that followed (we were chatting back and forth via IM, since he was upstairs in the office and I really didn’t want to move from the couch at the time):

ME: what are ur symptoms?

HIM: feeling lousyness, stuffy, sinus congestion, my throat was sore, but I think that was post nasal drip from over night.  my brain feels cottony

ME: the box of red and green capsules on ur night stand, take those

ME:  that’s daytime sinus congestion medicine with some tylenol in it for ur cottony head

HIM:  merry christmas!

ME:  lol, the color of the pills?

HIM: yeah, my present from pharma clause

ME: lol, let me know if they start to help at all, cuz if not, i will see if i can find something different when i go out later

(some time later) 

ME: any effect from the medicine yet?

HIM:  I dunno

Then we began discussing some patio stuff.  The guys started today, and I was concerned about the size, location, etc. since a few changes had to be made from what the landscaper painted for the outline.  I told hubby before that I might need to go out with a tape measure later to measure everything and see for myself.  That’s just how I am with all house related repairs, additions, etc.  It takes all I have not to stand right there when things are being done so I can see and question everything – I drive myself crazy!  (Maybe I need the “crazy pills”, lol)  So this is how the convo continued from there:

ME:  the screening goes on tomorrow, that’s the sand-like stuff.  he said the black edging will go on tomorrow too, and they should be able to put down the charcoal border.  do u know about the black edging?

HIM: yes, cause I asked him my "why don't the edge bricks just fall off" question yesterday and he told me

(our patio is actually being built raised up due to the slope of our property, not dug down into the ground and made level with the rest of the grass like usual – hence the concern of the edge bricks falling apart)

ME: ok, u'll have to explain to me then, cuz i didn't know anything about that, but i nodded and smiled and said ok great

HIM: lol, "I don't know what your talking about but okay great!!!"

ME: lol, yeah, pretty much

HIM:  thanks you, you cheer me up

I then ask him if he needs anything else when I go out for other things.  Earlier for lunch, he said he wanted something else, more food.  After I told him what snacks were here, he said he wanted “chippies”.  Now, usually when we say “chippies” in this house, we mean nachos – tortilla chips covered in melted shredded cheese and bacon pieces.  So, when he said “chippies”, I immediately went to that kind, and told him we didn’t have the ingredients, to which I got the response that that’s not what he meant, but thanks to me, he now wanted that, and I was mean.  So when I asked if there was anything else he needed while I was out, this is what followed:

HIM: ingredients for chippies...

ME: and is that what u pick as ur side dish for the chicken? chippies and cucumber salad?

HIM: YES!!!  Chippies!

ME: lol, oh my

HIM: *dance dance*

ME: should i really buy real bacon or use the bacon crumbles?  and what cheese?


ME:  oh my…

HIM: What were in these christmas pills, pharma clause?!

ME: lol, y?

HIM: I feel goofy... I guess you couldn't tell.

ME: this is so getting a blog post!  lol

HIM: …I’ll need to review it before you publish it  :p

ME: lol, y?

Which brings me to the Zoolander quote:

HIM: I don't want strangers on the internet thinking I'm taking crazy pills!

I told him he’s taken these pills before, and asked if they always made him this goofy, but apparently he was just being his normal goofy self. 

So this is the story of the Christmas pills, and how I became “Pharma Clause”.

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