Thursday, August 12, 2010

Vacation (Preview)

Well, I did say I would try to at least get one post in before the regular Kitty Pic Friday post, so here it is. A photo preview of my vacation in Ocean City, MD:


Sailboats in the inlet.


Very expensive houses and condos along the inlet’s “Stinky Beach”.


View of the beach from the speed boat ride (see those impending gray clouds of doom on the right? We had to turn back and go a different time…)


Not the speed boat we took, but one I managed to snap a picture of on one of beach afternoon outings.


A hummingbird moth we caught zipping around outside in the tropical area close to the beach when we visited the Carousel Hotel. See it at the bottom next to the orange flower? Best picture I managed to get of it. I originally thought it was some sort of moth, hubby thought it was a hummingbird – then I asked what hummingbirds had yellow spots on their sides, and it turns out to have really been a hummingbird moth! Hubby looked it up.


Assateague Island from the shoreline. We did see a group of wild ponies from the boat at a distance, but my camera unfortunately died right after getting on the boat, and I forgot the extra batteries at the hotel. This is from hubby’s phone camera.

More vacation posting to come! I feel bad for neglecting my blog so much over the last couple weeks month, but it has been a busy and tiring month, and I haven’t had much time for blogging (my Google Reader currently says 207 unread items! I had it down to 75 just 2 days ago – what happened??). There’s quite a lot I haven’t had much time for recently, and I’m not even exactly sure where my time and energy have been going! I hope after Sunday’s shindig I’ll feel a little more free and clear and be able to catch up and get back into everything.

Check out Favorite Kitty Pic Friday tomorrow, and have a great weekend! :)

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