Saturday, September 4, 2010

Favorite Kitty Pic Friday/Scrapbook Saturday

I’m cheating a little here.  I know it’s not Friday, I totally missed doing my “Favorite Kitty Pic Friday!” post yesterday, and I was very busy today, so I’m late in the day with my Scrapbook Saturday post too.  So, I’m combining them both right now and I created a kitty digital scrapbook page for today!  :)
Jasper Page I think this picture of him is just too funny!  I caught him laying like this on my computer desk chair today, and it made me think to use this picture of him laying the same way on our couch back at our old apartment.  It just strikes me as funny because he’s laying there like, “Woe is me!” or like he’s playing dead.  I’m still learning how to use this program, so this is mostly a pre-made template with his name, the word lazy, and the paw print tag added in.  Be prepared for some less interesting/busy scrapbook pages when I finally start trying to create one from complete scratch.  Digital is still very different for me and I have to definitely get used to it.
In other news, our patio is “finished” (yay!) but we have a couple issues making it not quite finished (boo!).  I will do a whole patio post later, progress pictures and all.  We did buy some plants and bulbs today for the area around it where we are landscaping, but more on them at a later time too.
I hope you all are enjoying your Labor Day weekend!  No special plans here, since the patio isn’t 100% yet and the rest of the backyard is a mess now.  Just relaxing, maybe some crafting, probably some video game playing…   :)

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