Monday, August 9, 2010

Sorry for my absence…

If you read my blog, thank you for sticking around in my absence! I just realized (literally 30 seconds ago) that I have only done my Favorite Kitty Pic Friday Post for the last 2 weeks. I have been extremely busy distracted by a week long vacation to Ocean City, MD, a day trip to Bethany Beach, DE for a baton performance, and starting my first private lesson student for dance. I got the call for these lessons a few days before we went on the vacation, so as soon as we got back I had to get to form creating, lesson planning, and music. I felt very frazzled last week because I had a lot to do and not enough time to do it, plus I was nervous about the lesson. The lesson turned out pretty well – the little girl said she had fun and she was enjoyable to teach. I’m not fond of the area they live in, as the city of Reading makes me very nervous, but overall it went well with no problems.

Since we got back from vacation, I have been very tired too. I haven’t felt like doing much. And if I was tired before, this week is really going to kick my butt. I created a cleaning to-do chart for myself, that I have decided to do the first week of every month in order to keep a clean, orderly house and make the cleaning less miserable of a chore, since it will be done more often. Since I didn’t accomplish that last week due the the day trip, lesson planning and jewelry making I had to get done, I will be tackling it starting tomorrow. I have a shorter to-do list for every single day of the week in order to break up the chores and make it a little less daunting. It works out that this is the cleaning week now anyway, because I will be hosting a family gathering this Sunday. My cousin called and asked if he could have a gathering here of everyone that would come from my dad’s side of the family…I said OK…what have I gotten myself into? He managed to pull off a miracle and get all the aunts and uncles to come, and already we are looking at a total of 22 people! That’s only including a couple of the cousins, so imagine if they all came with their spouses and kids, we’d probably end up having to rent a location! So, I’m feeling stressed about that. My cousin keeps telling me not to worry about things, but it’s my house, I feel like the hostess (even though he is supposed to be handling most of it), and I care about how my house and my hosting skills are presented to whoever is here. I also was asked by hubby today if it’s ok if his parents come for a visit the weekend after that, so I said ok. Normally that frazzles me and gets me in a cleaning frenzy, but luckily all of that will be done already, and I’m feeling like that will be a breeze of a visit compared to one afternoon with my dad’s side of the family.

So, I apologize again for my absence and thank you for sticking around. I do have more to share with you, such as vacation posts, my new jewelry set, and I’m sure after next Sunday there will be more, but I have been busy, distracted, tired, and stressed out, and the next week might be more of the same. I will try my best to get at least one other post in this week, if not more, but I felt the need to explain my absence a little more and ask you continue to bear with me and continue following.

Have a great week – hopefully I make it through the week and next weekend with my sanity!


  1. I used to baton twirl in 5,6,7th grades. OOO I loved it. I still can do it now too. I hope your students have fun as much as I did.

  2. Thank you so much for your kind comment over at Lessons of a Newlywed! I'm so glad you enjoyed it and hope you'll come back to visit soon!


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