Friday, February 25, 2011

Favorite Kitty Pic Friday!

Happy Friday!  I totally missed doing this post last week (and thanks to my newfound lack of memory, I can’t even remember why I missed it!  Thanks pregnancy brain!), and I had other posts I wanted to do this week, but I feel so behind on everything at the moment.  My Google Reader was up to almost 400 posts unread (!), my laundry feels very neglected along with dirty dishes and all other housecleaning (when’s this nesting thing supposed to kick in??), but we did accomplish something this past week.  The smaller amount of the work I did has taken up all of my energy too.  We prepped the walls of the nursery, picked out a paint color, painted, touched it up, and now it’s ready for a good clean out of all the paint supplies, vacuuming, and finally furniture!  I plan to do a post about that later though…
So, that has been my week.  My hips are not thanking me for it, and I don’t seem to have the energy for much more right now. 
Here’s my choice for the week:
IMG_1675 Oh, Jasper, the positions you put yourself in.  This is how he washes his belly (amongst other things…) and I actually found out it’s called the “Buddha position”.  He certainly has the Buddha belly for it!  (Don’t mind the mess around him – this was back at the apartment, and probably right around putting up the Christmas tree.)
Hope you all have a nice weekend!  Today seems pretty dreary here, and I really need to get that room cleaned up for the furniture to go in this weekend, hopefully.  Have a great Friday!


  1. Found you on 20sb. My second cat (passed) used to sit like that all the time and just look around the room and my first cat that I grew up with (also passed) looked EXACTLY like your Jasper! How weird!

    Anyway, love your layout, so beachy!

  2. Thanks Caity! Sorry about your losses - I know how hard it is to lose a furry family member. I hope my post was able to bring a smile to you though!

  3. Oh my, Jasper! You do have a Buddha! (Tell your mom there are some things you prefer to do in private!)

  4. bonus points for trying to get the tummy!

  5. hello newest follower


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