Saturday, March 5, 2011

Favorite Kitty Pic Friday! (on Saturday – oops!)

I know the post is titled “Favorite Kitty Pic FRIDAY!”,  and it’s already past 5pm on Saturday, but at least I’m getting it in this week, even if it’s late.  I can’t even make excuses as to how busy I was yesterday.  I did have one thing to do – I went for my one hour glucose test to start checking for gestational diabetes, but that obviously didn’t take all day.  No, I was just lazy otherwise.  Same as today.  We are headed out very soon to shop for curtains, shelves, and a dimmer switch to replace the regular light switch in the nursery – Hubby thought we were going earlier this afternoon.  My nap on the sofa changed that.  I would really like to know when this nesting thing kicks in, or if it ever will for me, because my house is a complete wreck and I have no desire whatsoever to do any kind of cleaning.  It’s bad lately, and it really needs to get done, but day after day I just really don’t feel like doing it and now my house looks like a tornado came through.
Anyways, I have a couple pictures for this post this week.  These were just taken on Thursday night, and this is a rarity to see these days:
snuggle buddies 1
They snuggled up on the recliner with each other!  Usually when they are this close to each other for a certain amount of time, it turns into an epic battle and one of them (usually Jasper) gives up and leaves the area.
snuggle buddies 3

They stayed like this for quite some time!  No fights, nothing.  Jasper passed out (obviously) and I just thought the way Dusty was looking at him in this picture was too cute.  And then, eventually…
snuggle buddies 4 Dusty gave in and relaxed too.  :)   It was so sweet to see them together like this.  They used to snuggle all the time when they were kittens, and gradually outgrew it.  Like I said, if we do ever get them together, it usually ends up in a battle for the spot they’re in, and Dusty typically wins.  He may be much smaller, but he’s feisty!
I’d like to do at least one nursery post soon, but I’m thinking I’ll split it into a couple parts to show the progress we’ve been making on it.  Hopefully I’ll get to the first one within the next few days!
Have a great weekend everyone!  :)   And wish me luck that I passed my one hour test (though, I’m not having any expectations – I’m very nervous I failed…)


  1. I just started following your cute blog and I'm looking forward to visiting often. I hope to see you at my cat cartoon blog and maybe you'll follow me too :)

    Headbonks and purrrrrrs from Avalon Lion.

  2. Thanks! I can't seem to respond to you by e-mail, so hopefully you see this - I look forward to checking out your blog! Sounds like a cute one :)


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