Thursday, February 10, 2011

Spoiled Bean!

I said the other day in my latest baby update that we already purchased a few things for Bean, but I would save it for another post.  Well, tonight is that post, and Bean is getting spoiled already!    :)

The very first thing we bought was the crib set we wanted because we saw Babies R Us drastically reduced the price.  We ended up with the other stuff we wanted for the nursery as well, because it turns out that that particular theme was actually put on clearance and would no longer be available very soon.  We picked out a gender neutral theme, especially since we didn’t even know what Bean is at the time we bought it.  So we ended up leaving the store that day with the crib set, window valance, wall decals, and mobile, all for about $120.  We took advantage of the clearance and also had a 10% coupon, so we got all 4 items for less than the original cost of the crib set (a whopping $190!!  our bedding wasn’t nearly that pricey and there’s more material involved!).  We decided to go with a Classic Pooh theme, which looks a little like this:

(Shows the mobile and valance – we didn’t get the diaper stacker, though it’s on our list, and we didn’t get the wall art or lamp.  We already have lamps in that room and we bought the wall decals instead.)

I saw a few other Classic Pooh sets on Amazon, but I’m very glad we got this one.  I really really like it and I think it will look great with the furniture we picked out.  Speaking of furniture, my mom just informed me tonight that my grandmother has offered to buy Bean’s crib, and my uncle has offered to buy the 2 dressers/changing table!  That was very unexpected, but very appreciated, especially since we picked out furniture that costs a lot more than the original pieces we looked at.  We won’t have those pieces until we paint the room, but here’s what they look like:


The color isn’t quite right on the last dresser picture.  The real life color is most similar to the crib and changing table/dresser.  We decided to go with a piece like that because even though just having the pad on top of a dresser without rails holding it in place makes me a little nervous, we figured this was more the lifetime way to go.  The crib converts into a toddler bed, daybed, and full size headboard/bed.  The set is by Babi Italia.

We also bought a few pieces of clothing already!  Target had some stuff on sale last week, and Old Navy had a sale this week, along with a coupon that I got from Facebook.  So we bought this little sleeper from Target:

Product Image CI NBB Stripe Daddy SNP Adriatic Blue

Hubby loved it!  So we just had to get it.  We got it in a 6 month size because Bean will be born at the beginning of summer, and since it’s long sleeves and long pants with feet, we figured this was better for fall/winter, and he will be 6 months old around Christmas.  If he fits into it sooner due to his growth and size, it will still work out for fall!



And then I was perusing Old Navy’s website and found these adorable onesies that I decided I just had to go to the store and buy during their sale with my coupon:

Purchased the 0-3 month size in this since it’s light weight and will hopefully fit him through the summer months.








And this one, which we purchased in the 3-6 month size, hoping to get some longer wear out of it.  We figured if it still fits him in fall/winter, we can always put a little sweatshirt over top to go out since it’s short sleeve.  But if Bean was going to have at least one piece of clothing that says he loves his daddy, he was definitely going to have at least one pertaining to me!:

I absolutely love these two items!  They also seem a little more gender neutral to me, so I could picture a boy wearing them or a girl, if we ever end up with one of those one day!   :)   I have always thought koalas were adorable, and to see them on these things just made it even cuter!

We also bought a navy blue sweatshirt there off the clearance rack in the 6-9 month size for next fall/winter.  Who could pass up an Old Navy baby hooded sweatshirt for $3.99?? 

I hope I have been buying appropriate sized clothing, especially since we have no idea how big Bean will be when he’s born, or how quickly he will grow.  Any advice you have on that topic would be appreciated (so would knowing if the sizes I already bought seem to make sense)!

That’s all for now, and might be for a while, or until the shower, unless someone else advertises a good sale or throws another coupon my way.   ;)

(Photos courtesy of Babies R Us, Target, and Old Navy’s websites)

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