Friday, February 11, 2011

Favorite Kitty Pic Friday!

It’s Friday again!  This week has been a pretty lazy week for me.  I really need to find my motivation, or energy, whatever it is I’m lacking in order to get stuff done around here.  I haven’t done any new crafts, I have no desire to clean at all (when’s this nesting thing supposed to start to kick in??), and there are times I don’t even feel like going anywhere.  I’m hoping spring will start to show itself and bring back my motivation with it, before I grow to big to be able to do certain things!
My pictures this week came from just last night.  They aren’t the greatest shots, but it was just funny, and I had to capture it somehow.  Hubby was sitting on the recliner with his feet up and a blanket over his legs.  Jasper loves blankets, and Dusty loves to sit on laps in the evening.  So, this was the result:
dusty in lap Dusty was finally able to settle into a little hole in Hubby’s lap.  You see that big lump pressed against his right side?

full lap of kitties

That big lump was Jasper’s big behind!  Under the blanket.  Jasper was there first, and Dusty sort of intruded in on the snuggles, but Hubby had a very full lap!  Of course, Jasper got sick of it and jumped off after a few minutes.

Hope you all have a nice weekend.  We will be heading to Baby Safety Day at Babies R Us tomorrow, and probably ordering the nursery furniture this weekend now anyway.  We weren’t planning on getting it quite yet, but I got a coupon last night that gives you a $250 gift card when you make a furniture purchase of $1299 or more and use your rewards card.  I think we’ll be taking advantage of that deal!  Have a good weekend!   :)

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