Friday, February 4, 2011

Favorite Kitty Pic Friday!

Happy Friday!  This week felt pretty long while it was happening, but now that it’s Friday, I feel like I just did this post yesterday!  We had some really icy weather this week, and apparently a little more is coming tomorrow, then some more snow later on in the week (but I don’t know about any kind of accumulation for those days yet).  I haven’t been shoveling at all because of being pregnant, but I feel bad for hubby since he's on his own with a not-so-great back to begin with.  Luckily my dad lives close by and has been helpful.
So, anyway, back to what this post is about.  Here is my choice for this week:
img152 Meet Cody again.  If you don’t remember his last post, he was the cat my parents and I had while I still lived with them.  He is no longer with us, but was one very cool cat.  I can’t remember where I was packing to go at this time, but he used to do this often enough.  I guess he wanted to go along too!  I could never seem to get a really good picture of him with his eyes looking normal, but really his eyes weren’t like this.  This is just another one of my favorite photos of him.
I hope you all have a nice weekend, and hopefully some better weather!  Big baby update coming very soon!   :)

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  1. I found your blog on the Lady Bloggers Social Tea Party. I am your newest GFC follower and I would love for you to check out my blog and follow me back too. Have a great Sunday! Thanks Amber


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