Friday, January 28, 2011

Favorite Kitty Pic Friday!

TGIF!  And more snow…  It snowed a lot here on Wednesday, and we had some other accumulating snow a couple times before that.  Nothing has been quite as bad as last year’s snowstorm, but this year hubby has to do all the shoveling himself every time.  I feel bad I can’t help him, and I know there are some pregnant women out there shoveling, but that’s not an activity I really want to risk doing when I have a hubby around and a nearby dad to help if needed.  And if you couldn’t tell my “excitement” above – it’s snowing again this morning…  I really feel bad for hubby since the snow from Wednesday still isn’t completely shoveled away yet.
I know I said I would do this post back on it’s regularly weekly basis starting last week, but we are having some heating vent issues since last winter, and the guy has finally been coming out to figure it out and fix it.  We just have a noisy vent, and it’s still not fixed, but they know what they have to do now, and if it ever stops snowing, we can finally get him back here to do it.  So that’s what happened last Friday – I was waiting for the guy to come, then dealing with him while he was here, and I totally forgot to do this post.  So I’m hoping to get it back on track today, and here is my choice for this week:
IMG_2862 Just a simple picture of Dusty, but I thought it was a very good close up of him.  I figured Jasper got the spotlight in 2 recent posts about his foot, so I picked Dusty for this week.  How can you not love that face?   :)
Have a great weekend!  Hopefully no more snow, at least for now (though I’m done with winter now), and maybe I will finally start to get my house cleaned up.  It’s a wreck at the moment from taking Christmas stuff down, since it’s not all quite put away yet, and I can’t do it all by myself either – the snow really needs to stop so I can have some of hubby’s energy and strength for some help with that stuff!

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