Thursday, June 16, 2011

Serioiusly?! Thursday

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Seriously?!  Hubby and I ordered a new video camera.  It was a very quick, on the spot decision, but it was a good deal from Amazon, and the purchase made a lot of sense.  If you’re interested, we got the Kodak PlaySport camera.  That way, once Bean does make his appearance, we have a small, cell phone sized camera that we can constantly keep charged and take with us everywhere to record those silly moments and milestones.  However, USPS will be delivering it.  If you read my previous Seriously?! Thursday post, you know my dislike/hate relationship with the postal service.  This issue comes down to our delivery guy – he’s the laziest, most careless postal worker I have ever seen.  I won’t get into everything he does that irks me, or else this post would be way too long, but let’s just say I’m hoping the camera gets here in one piece.  Seriously?!  Why do they have to ship expensive items like that via USPS?  Though, UPS hasn’t been great with their deliveries to us lately either – we’re lucky if the packages even make it onto the front porch…luckily the delivery guys seem to have good throwing arms to get it that far!

Seriously?!  I’m now a week away from my due date.  On Sunday I got hit with some sort of head cold/congestion.  It’s a little better today, but I’m still not 100%.  I get so stuffy I can’t breathe, my ear was so clogged I felt like I only had 50% hearing, and I called the doctor’s office on Tuesday to see what I could take for relief, and they told me plain Sudafed.  Sudafed wasn’t quite doing the trick, and can raise my blood pressure.  Today, the doctor recommended switching to an antihistamine, like Claritin.  I took one earlier, and I can actually breathe at the moment!  But really?  I went the whole 9 months without even a sniffle, and now right before I’m due, I get hit with this!  I want the baby out now, but I don’t want to make him sick either.   :(

Seriously?!  Bad, stupid drivers.  Enough said.

Seriously…  I haven’t done Favorite Kitty Pic Friday in at least 2 weeks.  I have just been very busy and it slipped past me.  I will try my best to get one up tomorrow – I make no promises though…

Seriously…  I’m as ready as I’m going to be for Bean’s arrival.  He can come out any day now.  I’ve been so done with this pregnancy for weeks now, but this last week is frustrating.  I’m tired of not being able to do stuff, being uncomfortable, and feeling like I’m going to be pregnant forever.  I thought Bean was going to be a boy before we knew for sure, and I was right.  I also thought at the beginning that I would go late, but I’m really hoping I’m wrong about that!  And since I know you all want to know  ;)   I just may go late, and have to be induced.  My check at the doctor today revealed I am effacing well (didn’t get a percentage number), but not dilating much.  He said the effacement is good and shows that I would be receptive to induction if it becomes necessary.  I just hope that’s not the case.  If Bean doesn’t come on his own, we’re looking at the 28th for induction.  I do have to go for a non-stress test on Tuesday, and then I have my regularly scheduled appointment on Thursday.  Apparently, even though he has been saying my BP has been good, today he felt it was a little high, and though he only ever told me the lower number was good, apparently my upper number has been borderline high.  So, with little progression, no contractions, and borderline high BP, off to the NST (unless Bean decides to make an early exit!).

Seriously…  Whether Bean decides to come now or by force on the 28th, I will have a baby and be a mom in less than 2 weeks!  So surreal…

Well, Hubby and I are off to Red Lobster tonight to celebrate our 4 year wedding anniversary!  Today we have been married for 4 years, and in July we will be together as a couple for 12 years.  Happy Anniversary Hubby!   :)

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