Friday, June 24, 2011

Favorite Kitty Pic Friday!

This post was previously scheduled, because yesterday, June 23rd, was my due date!  On Wednesday morning, I could have sworn my water broke, but apparently it was other stuff, my fluid level looked good on an ultrasound, and I wasn’t dilated enough to warrant admitting me, so I was sent home.  All the rest of the day, however, I began to actually notice some slightly stronger contractions (and I seem to be experiencing back labor…), but again, they were few and far between, so I scheduled this post then, in case anything did happen that evening and I wouldn’t have the chance to blog at all.

Here’s my choice this week:

IMG_2062 Dusty hard at work – or hardly working!  LOL   I’m leaving him in charge of my blog during this time of very early labor and/or childbirth, so if things are quiet, you know why!

Have a great weekend!  Hopefully the next time I get to blog I will have Bean to show off!   :)

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