Thursday, May 26, 2011

Seriously?! Thursday

I’m linking up with From Mrs. to Mama today for her Thursday post.  I found her blog through someone else’s blog that I read, who also links up to this weekly post.  I checked out her blog as well, and just became one of her newest followers too!  I’m not sure if I will link up with this posting every week, but today is a start.   :)

Seriously?!  CSN stores through  I don’t think I will ever deal with them again after this mess.  They listed a Graco Snugride car seat base in beige.  That’s exactly what I needed.  I ordered it, and when they sent me an e-mail to confirm the order, it said “tan” – not what I ordered.  And yes, there is a difference in the colors.  If I really wanted the tan one, I could have ordered it directly from Amazon for $10 cheaper and no shipping!  Long story short, they said it was a mistake on their part, I requested to cancel the order, but somehow it already shipped out (before I even confirmed the order?!), and they refused to contact UPS to have the item returned to them before it reached my doorstep.  I was told I would receive a full refund of the item cost and the shipping I had to pay, and would not have to pay to ship it back to them.  Today’s e-mail said I would only receive the refund for the item.  They got a response to that, and I’m hoping they cooperate as they said they would, and I won’t have to contest the charge with the credit card and report them to the BBB. 

Seriously?!  Our health insurance.  Again with the refunds.  We were owed $96 on a claim.  They sent us the check.  I didn’t take it to the bank right away, but once I did, I got another $96 check.  We were confused, so we looked into it.  The first check bounced, and they were replacing it.  Problem is, my bank charged us a $12 fee for a bounced check.  How does a major insurance company bounce a $96 check (due to insufficient funds!), seriously?!  Now we’re back and forth with them to get the $12 refunded as well.  All this makes me tired!

Seriously?!  This weather lately.  Crazy storms and tornadoes in places that don’t usually get hit by them (Philadelphia, Allentown??), and even the temperature.  It didn’t really feel like we had a real spring.  It felt like it went from cold, to chilly, to now super hot!  Those nice temperature days were few, and when we did have them, it rained and rained and rained.  The rain makes it feel chillier.  Then today it was just about 90 degrees here!  My AC is on in the house, but for some reason our upstairs doesn’t seem to cool down as much as it should.  We’ve made it better, but still not great.  I’d rather summer than winter, but I can’t stand the heat right now.  We have a lot of things to accomplish outside, and between the rain and heat, it’s not getting done as quickly as it needs to be done.

Seriously?!  I’m 36 weeks pregnant today!  This is not a rant one, but just unbelievable.  When thinking about it in weeks, the weeks seem to fly by, but when I think back to October when we found it, it seems like so long ago.  I’m not so sure I’m ready for the delivery part, but I am ready to not have this huge belly in the way anymore.  I can’t sleep well (up anywhere from 4-6 times a night for the bathroom – seriously?! – now every 1.5 hours), I can’t bend over and pick things up, I can’t even get up and down from sitting very well anymore. 

Seriously?!  Taco Bell – or, rather, the lady at Taco Bell.  I wanted to get their current Big Box meal for Hubby, but he wanted some substitutions.  Before ordering, I checked the prices of things to make sure his substitutions were the same price as what is supposed to be included.  According to their menu, all prices were the same.  I asked for my first substitution, no problem.  As I started to ask for my second substitution, she already was giving me a look like I was a royal PITA, and then told me no, due to the price.  I tried pointing out on their menu that it was the same price, but she still refused.  I think she just didn’t want to deal with the substitutions…

I think that’s all I’ve got for now, thanks for reading my rants!  Today feels like Friday.  I don’t have to worry about one more work day or anything, but it feels like a Friday.  Hubby and I do have stuff to do outside, but this heat is unbearable!  At least I don’t have to cook today!   :)

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