Saturday, May 28, 2011

Favorite Kitty Pic Friday/Saturday!

Oops!  I totally forgot to put this up yesterday!  I didn’t have it scheduled this week either, so, sorry for my tardiness.  I was kind of busy yesterday.  We had an OB appointment in the morning which was originally supposed to happen on Thursday, we went for breakfast afterwards, then I came home and tried to accomplish a few other things on the computer, and finally went out and about for some shopping, bill paying, and sending the car seat base back to CSN stores, thanks to their complete mess up (that you can read about here).  I finally remembered to do this post after midnight, but I was heading to bed, and figured I’d just do it today instead.
Here’s my choice for this week, taken earlier in the week:
Jaspy Jasper looks so sweet and innocent when he sleeps…don’t be fooled!   ;)   He really isn’t terrible or anything, but he’s certainly not as sweet and innocent as he looks here in this photo!  He can really work on my nerves sometimes, especially lately when my patience seems to wear thin quickly.  But he looked so cute all sleepy on the couch the other night, and actually stayed that way for the picture.
I hope everyone has a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend!  We’ll be accomplishing things around the house, hopefully getting dining room furniture from my aunt and uncle, but that’s still up in the air at this point, and apparently going out to eat with my grandmother/family on Monday.  Who goes out to eat over having a cook out on our nice (except for some stray weeds that still need taking care of) patio??  We do apparently…
Have a great weekend!!!

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