Monday, May 23, 2011

My Style Crafts

So, I finally got some motivation to do something with my Artfire shop, My Style Crafts.  I have been wanting to do this for a while, and I even started prepping things, but then I got stuck, didn’t feel like doing it anymore, and it didn’t happen.  I finally started doing it a few days ago – adding prints to my shop!  I had a few different printing options, since I do not have the capability to make prints here at home, but I needed to get a few prints made to see how they came out first, before putting them up for sale.  Since I’m not the only one living in this house, I wanted Hubby’s input on what pictures to get printed and where to put them.  We decided on a seasonal theme, and got 4 prints made in B&W, one shot from each season, and finally had them printed!  I thought they came out very well, so I knew I could finally start adding the photos for sale in my shop.  We haven’t framed the prints for our home yet, but as soon as we do and get them hung up, maybe I will share it on here.  They will be hung up on the one wall in the office where we had to fix up a few spots, and those spots really stand out on the wall, so these prints will provide some cover up for those as well as decoration on a plain wall.

I currently have 8 prints listed.  All of them are only available in 8x10, though if a smaller size is requested, I can work that out.  I just didn’t create pricing for other sizes yet.  I will ship prints out in a cardboard flat rate priority mail envelope, so if more than one print is requested, they will be shipped together and only one shipping fee is charged.

Here is one of my favorites that is currently listed:

Fall Trail B&W - watermarked artfire

“Fall Trail” in B&W.  Some of the listing are available in both color or B&W, some are color only due to the fact that it is a colorful shot, and just wouldn’t look good as a B&W print.  Here is that same shot in color as well:

Fall Trail - wartermarked artfire

I plan to add quite a few more, so keep checking back at the shop for new additions!  I’m also trying to work out custom ordered candles.  All candles will be soy wax, containers only (no pillars at this time), and can either be scented, dyed, or both.  I just have to create my listings and figure out what sizes I will offer.  This means all candles ordered will be made at the time of order, so you get a freshly scented candle, but it will also mean that buyers have a longer order processing time, so that the candle can be made and allows me time to order supplies if I am currently out of something being requested.  At this time, it’s my best way I can offer candles in my shop, which is something I really liked creating.

So that’s what I’ve been up to creatively lately.  I haven’t made any new jewelry, but at least it’s a start to keep my shop going.  Maybe after the house and yard are in order, and the nursery is 100% complete, I can focus some attention on the jewelry.  I certainly have supplies and ideas waiting for me!

Oh, and I was very excited to receive notice that one of my earrings was hotlisted and featured in another seller’s collection.  She created a collection of her favorite patriotic items from Artfire, and included my “Patriotic Fireworks” earrings!  This picture was before I started taking nicer jewelry photos, but here they are:

IMG_2117Great for the upcoming patriotic holidays, maybe?   :)    If you are interested in anything you see in the post, or what else is currently listed in the shop, please check out My Style Crafts on Artfire!

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