Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday Madness

So, remember the post titled “Monday, Monday – so good to me…”?  Well, today was not so good to me.  I can’t say it was horrible, but a little weird.  I slept the best I have slept last night for a while, but I was woken up at 6:30am.  I heard incessant digging on the carpet, and I was so afraid it was Jasper getting ready to pee on the floor (not that he does that, but he likes to pee on towels…).  I got up and turned the light on to discover Dusty trying to bury a piece of poop in the middle of my bedroom floor!  Thankfully hubby is not home, because he certainly wouldn’t have liked that wake up.  I dispose of the issue, and while I was in my own bathroom, I heard more incessant digging in the hallway bathroom (they share a wall).  So I go to check it out, and what do I find?  MORE POOP!  Only there was a lot more of it, and it was smeared…  Wonderful – just what I want to be doing at 6:30am.  I have no idea what happened, or exactly who’s poop it was (though I have a sinking feeling it was Jasper’s, and Dusty is super prissy about keeping things clean and buried), but I could really never have to deal with that again and be happy.  I also had to remove something from Jasper’s hiney today…something else I never thought I’d have to do since we never use tinsel or anything for that reason…but today I had to, and he was not pleased with me.  Another thing I will be happy to never have to do again.  And, thanks to him, I now have to spend my afternoon at the laundromat tomorrow washing my comforter – yep, you guessed it – poop remnants got on there too!  The comforter definitely needed a washing, but thanks to that I now have to do it immediately tomorrow.  Just didn’t get there today, and unfortunately it’s too big and fluffy to fit in my machines at home.  Just what I feel like doing tomorrow…

I did do something good today though, and yet somehow that seemed to turn bad on me too!  I decided to finally start keeping track of my food intake again.  I need to eat healthier again, it’s a must.  I also walked on my treadmill for a half hour today too.  But when I got off, a few of my little toes on my right foot were hurting big time.  They are still hurting, and making me gimp along when I walk.  I have absolutely no idea what caused it, since they didn’t hurt at all before I went on, and gave me no issues while I was walking.  Hopefully tomorrow will be better because I have to teach at baton practice tomorrow night, and a sore foot will not make for a good practice.

I’m also having some other issues again.  I have these problems periodically, more frequently than I’d like, and I certainly won’t get into it on here, in e-mails or comments, so please don’t ask.  But just know that these issues cause me a great deal of discomfort or even pain sometimes, and I’m currently having quite a bit of discomfort.  I’m hoping it resolves ASAP, but if it’s not gone by next week, I may be checking with the doctor again.  I may have to anyway – I’m still losing clumps of hair daily, more than my usual shedding, and thyroid tests came back normal.  So that will need to get figured out sooner rather than later.  I read it could be some sort of deficiency or hormone imbalance.  It might even be my scalp I guess, but I go back to that doctor in 2 weeks, so I can have him check things out too.

So today has not been such a great day.  I’ve had worse I guess, but I was hoping to get things done today that I didn’t, and now I’m not sure how much I’ll get done tomorrow either with an afternoon at the laundromat and baton practice with a lesson beforehand in the evening.  I’m at least hoping for another night’s sleep like last night though…that would be awesome.

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