Friday, November 26, 2010

Favorite Kitty Pic Friday!

I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving yesterday!  We had a smaller gathering than usual – unfortunately hubby’s parents couldn’t come because Wal-Mart is evil, and that’s where his dad works.  But it was still a delicious meal with way too much dessert, and a very happy day for everyone.  I wanted to post more earlier in the week, but I spent everyday since last Saturday cleaning the downstairs of our house and garage/basement, very thankfully with hubby’s help, and by evening I was pooped and sleepy!
Unfortunately, I don’t have any cute Thanksgiving related pics of my own kitties, but Dusty is just so cute all on his own…
IMG_2557 He loves to find cozy spots on our bed, and apparently my kitties like to sleep with their faces covered.  Anyone else’s cats sleep like that??
Well, I hope you all are enjoying something this Black Friday, either relaxing at home or out shopping.  If you are brave enough to be out shopping, I hope you are able to find everything you wanted and have safe travels.  There’s a few things I saw that I’d like to go out for, but I don’t know if I will make it out in time, if there will be any of those items left, and if I’m even brave enough to venture out at all!

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  1. That is one cute kitty. My husband and I recently rescued a 6 moth-old kitten from the vet, and we love him very very much =)



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