Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Life Lately…

I have hardly been blogging at all for at least a good 2 weeks now.  I was hoping to break the trend with last week’s Kitty Pic post, but obviously that didn’t happen.  So, I figured I’d take a few minutes and write something in a post now, at least let you in on my life lately.  It’s not all that interesting, but here it is…

Two weeks ago hubby had to go back to the main office for work for a week.  He left on Halloween, and since my parents don’t like to stay at home on Halloween for trick-or-treaters anymore, they came down to my house to keep me company and play some Wii games. 

The next day, Monday, I decided to do something healthy and walk a half hour on the treadmill.  I know I mentioned this in a previous post, but I managed to hurt my foot when I stepped off the treadmill.  It hurt even worse on Tuesday, and by Wednesday that week I could hardly put weight on it.  Since I couldn’t get into the orthopedics office for at least another week, I ended up having my mom take me to the ER to get x-rays and find out what was wrong.  Apparently, I just sprained it, but I could hardly walk, so they gave me a surgical shoe to take some of the pressure off my foot, and I ended up borrowing a pair of crutches from my mom so I could just do partial weight bearing.  Let me tell you – it’s not easy at all, and definitely no fun to hobble around your own house on crutches without any help around.  I almost fell on the stairs twice, and if I needed to carry something, forget the crutches – hello pain!  I ended up sitting around all day on Thursday, only to get up when I absolutely had to, so by Friday I was feeling somewhat better and was at least able to go out and about with my parents and no crutches.

Hubby came home that Saturday, and brought me these really interesting and beautiful roses.  I did take pictures, but I don’t have my camera here at the moment, and that’s where the pictures are, so I will have to post them another time.  They were 2 toned pink striped, and they came with these little purple baby’s breath type spray.  Most awesome flowers ever!

Since then, I’ve had absolutely no motivation to do anything.  My house is a mess because I’ve had no energy to clean, and I haven’t even crafted anything new because I just haven’t felt creative.  Same with the blog.  I’ve been feeling more tired lately, and I really dislike losing sunlight so early in the evening.  It really exacerbates the whole motivation and sleepiness issues.  So, I tried to make today somewhat productive.  I had higher ambitions than what actually got accomplished, but washing 2 loads of laundry, folding 2 different loads of laundry, washing the dishes and putting away the clean ones, and calling my dermatologist for a different prescription is quite accomplished for me lately!

So, I’m hoping for more accomplishments tomorrow.  Hubby is going to have to help me clean the house starting this weekend for Thanksgiving, so tomorrow I’m hoping to be crafty and get some of that stuff accomplished.  OH!  I almost forgot!  I sold my first pair of earrings from my Artfire shop on Monday!  Thank you to my first buyer – I hope she enjoys them as much as I do!  I was so happy when I got that notice.  I have re-listed the earrings, but when I priced them I unfortunately forgot about taking into consideration Paypal’s fees and the shipping envelope, so I had to increase the price by 50 cents – that’s not too much of an increase, right?  She still got them for the original price, but I apologize to any future buyers who have to pay the slight increase.  So, I have more jewelry and wine charm stuff, and I have really cute winter/Christmas ribbon that I’d like to create more items with to add to the shop ASAP so there’s more of a selection for holiday shopping.  Please check the shop, and check often since I hope to add more very soon, and see if there’s anything that catches your eye.  I am also interested in custom orders – if you don’t like anything in the shop, but would like something created just for you, please e-mail me through Artfire and I will see what I can do for you!

Hopefully more posting to come now…

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