Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My Christmas List

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At first I had no clue what I wanted for Christmas.  I have my little man, and I felt/feel like Christmas should be all about him now.  I really couldn’t even think of anything at first.  But I have now.  I have even received two gifts from Hubby already!  Do I care if I don’t receive everything on my list or any of it at all for that matter?  No.  I never expect Christmas gifts.  I never expect anything from anyone for any occasion.  But if anyone is going to get me anything, these are the items I would like to have:

1. New fancy phone that I can use apps with so I don’t have to steal Hubby’s iPhone anymore.  (Hubby got me the HTC Wildfire S on Black Friday, half off, so now I have a cooler phone, I actually have texting and internet access, and the cell phone bill will be about $12 less per month now that we switched my service to Virgin Mobile.)

2. Newest Harry Potter movie along with the ones I’m missing to complete the set.  (Hubby also got me this.  Found a great deal on Amazon on Black Friday – the entire 8 disc DVD set for $40, free shipping!  Now I have some duplicates, but we would have spend more than that on just the missing movies to complete the set.  I never did get to see the newest one in theaters this year because it was out shortly after I had Bean, and by the time Hubby and I could get out to see it, it went out of theaters that week.)

3. Bigger memory card for my new phone.

4. New CD player to use for baton practice.  My parents got me a nice little one about 2 years ago for Christmas, but it’s not loud enough at all for practices.  My louder one is finally dead.  So I need a new louder one now.

5. New pants/short sleeve pj’s.  I have a couple pairs, but 2 of them are really old, 1 is a hand-me-down from my mom and is actually a little too big, and one pair is too long, and I just never got to hem it.  I have plenty of warm pj’s at the moment, and even short sets, but the in-between sets with pants and short sleeves are a little lacking/off sized.

6. A car charger for my new phone. I am notorious for having a dead phone and forgetting to charge it. I don't think that will happen with this phone, but it would be nice to have a way to top off the battery while on the go.

7. A case for this phone. I tend to drop things a lot. This phone has already seen the floor twice. I need a rubbery case to protect it from myself.

The rest is nothing anyone can purchase for me.  I’d like a night where I wouldn’t have to get up with Bean, but that won’t happen because I wake up anyway and I would still have to pump once overnight since I am still breastfeeding.  But sleep would be nice.  A family friend even got him a onesie that says “All Mommy wants for Christmas is a silent night.”  So true.  I miss undisturbed sleep.  I’d also like more time to get things done.  More time to blog, more time to create and craft things, even just more time to do laundry and clean!  We have so many photos of Bean, and I haven’t gotten many printed yet for photo books and frames.  We even would like to make an appointment with our wedding photographer to do a family photo session (we have a free session from them to use sometime!), and I wanted to do that to be able to have photos for Christmas gifts, but that won’t happen at this point.  So just some time would be nice.  I love spending time with Bean, but I also would like to do things that need to get done, or things just for me.

That’s pretty much my list.  Of course I wish for a happy, healthy family as well!

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  1. those are all great things on the list, things that i'm sure will be put to good use! yaya for getting new phone :)


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