Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Decorations

Linking up for the second Christmas post with From Mrs. to Mama!  I actually did a post last year with pictures of all my Christmas decorations.  Pretty much nothing has changed except for the addition of a stocking for Bean and a new snowman decoration.  In order to save some time (because I have oh so much to spare to sit at a computer to blog lately!), I’m reposting my post from last year that shows all our decorations.  It takes me quite a while to decorate usually, so this year is definitely interesting with my lack of time.  But I love decorating for Christmas and will continue to put up this many decorations, if not more, as the years go on.  It will be nice when Bean can help with some of it too!   :)  Now, in reading this post, my grandmother had passed away on Dec. 6th, so some of the post is emotional and sentimental about her.  I still miss her dearly, and wish she was here to see Bean’s first Christmas.  But enjoy the pictures of the decorations!:


I wanted to share my decorations with you, even though these pictures are from last year.  The decorations are all in the same spots this year, but my house currently looks like a tornado hit it with shopping bags full of gifts, and one ornament tub that still needs to be packed away, so you get to view last year’s pictures of this year’s decorations!


front door edit




My grandmother made my stocking, probably about 5+ years ago, and I will cherish it always.  As I said, she never had much money to give big, expensive gifts, but I always cherished everything she ever gave me because it came with a lot of thought, and straight from her heart.  Last year’s gift from her was a set of dessert dishes because she noticed I didn’t have any at Thanksgiving, and even though they aren’t fine china or fancy, I love them and they are some of my favorite dishes.  She also gave me an ornament that she personalized for our first year in our new home.  I have to admit that I forgot about the ornament until I pulled it out this year, and it brought tears to my eyes.  It has an up front and center position on the tree this year.






The newest edition to the decorations this year.  Bought this angel at a recent craft show.




***My preview looks totally screwy, so just in case, here’s a link to the old post:  My Christmas House***

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  1. You have a collection there, just like my mom!!!


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