Friday, April 29, 2011

Favorite Kitty Pic Friday!

Happy Friday!  I know my posting has been very non-existent lately, but I had a full 2 weeks+ of painting, cleaning, etc.  We had our baby shower, and after all that was said and done, I needed some relaxation time.  Apparently my energy isn’t coming back now though.  I still have things to do that will require a bit of energy, and I just haven’t been able to find it.  I do have more posts that I want to create, just need to sit down and write them now!
So, here’s my choice for this week’s post.  I think it’s very fitting to how I feel lately:
DSCF0070 Lazy, lazy, lazy.  I took this picture while we were painting.  We kept the kitties in our very large bedroom (with everything they needed, of course) while we painted.  This was a common sight to walk into.  Sometimes we even caught them snuggling with each other, which was adorable, but unfortunately I didn’t manage to get any pictures of those times.
Hope you all have a good weekend planned!  I will be attending a baton competition tomorrow, and a friend’s wedding in the evening, and on Sunday we are getting a nice dining room set from my aunt and uncle.  We will finally have a complete dining room set, and a table in our eat-in kitchen!  It will make the house seem a little more complete.   :)

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