Friday, July 23, 2010

Favorite Kitty Pic Friday!

It’s Friday again! Hope you all had a great week and have a fun weekend planned! Welcome to my weekly Friday post. I started this post just to share my love of cats, my own kitties adorable and funny photos, or even just some others that I find amusing. I then decided to open it up with a linky, and try to get others to share as well! This is not strictly a means of getting more followers for me or those who link up (but if that happens, great!) – just a way for us all to share. So if you’d like to join in, here’s what you do:
If you have a blog of your own, grab the button above, put it in your own post, then pick one photo of your own kitty, a friend or family member’s kitty, or even one from the web that you just love. Photography skills do not matter – just a favorite picture. Put the photo in your post along with a little explanation about the photo, a story about the kitty, or just a fun cat fact. Then link up here with the linky below! Share with your friends and invite them to join as well. If you don’t have a blog of your own, but would still like to participate, you can leave a comment below with a link to your picture if it’s somewhere on the internet. I do this every Friday, so get those photos ready! :)
My choice for this week:
IMG_2310 Hello eberyone!  I figered if Jaspy cud do hiz own post, then it wuz my turn!  I’z liek to halp teh man wurk ebery now and then.  Momma tinks it’z soooo funny…other hooman, not so much.  I’z just want to halp with teh wurk round heer!  Plus, I’z liek to look at Cheezburger
Sined – Dusty
PS – Pleez to share sum new frendz with me!

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