Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Poor Kitty Update

So, if you remember last Friday’s post about Jasper’s foot/claw, here is the update on him.


You’ll notice this looks very similar to a photo from the last post – but it was taken tonight, and his foot bandage has changed to purple!  Let’s put it this way – Jasper basically declawed one of his own rear toes, and the vet ended up having to help him complete the job.  When he originally lost his claw, we knew the quick/nerve ending was still there, and the tech I spoke with on the phone also knew this.  She had said we didn’t need to bring him in unless he started to look infected.  Well, on Monday I made my daily check, and there was a tiny bit of clear fluid coming from the wound area along with a bad smell.  It didn’t look bad, but I was starting to worry that an infection was beginning.  We decided to wait until Tuesday to call during regular vet hours, after checking him again and seeing no change.  Still leaking a tiny bit and still smelly.  They got him into the office Tuesday afternoon, and the vet I really like there was on duty to check him out.  She said it would have been better if he would have just ripped off the entire claw with the quick right off the bat – it would have bled more at the time, but wouldn’t have been so sore and open to infection.  She didn’t say he had any major infection going on already, but was worried about it getting to that point and progressing to needing his whole toe amputated.  Luckily there was no major infection yet, but he did need a minor surgical procedure to snip that remaining quick off.  I was really only expecting to take him in for a check and some antibiotics!  My poor baby.  :(    They sedated him, snipped off the nerve ending, and gave him an injection of antibiotics.  We were sent home 45 minutes later with a very dopey and wobbly kitty sporting his brand new purple bandage and some pain meds.  With how many times he managed to kick off my bandaging last week, I was sure this wouldn’t last long, but knew it had to stay wrapped until tonight.  They certainly did a good job of it!  He kicked and kicked, but that thing stayed in place!  Now I know why – Jasper now has a little less fur on that leg!  So as of right now, he’s perfectly fine, seems to be walking ok, is back to eating and drinking like his normal self, and wants nothing more than to lick that toe.  We are stopping him as much as possible, and he will have that antibiotic in his system for another day or two, so hopefully he won’t develop an infection now.  We will be keeping a close eye on it though.

In other news, I ended up needing to go to my doctor this evening for an itchy skin issue, so he just made this visit count as my next scheduled visit that I was supposed to have in two weeks (turns out somehow I was not in their schedule for two weeks from now, even though I had the appointment card, so it worked out!).  My quad screen test was negative for Down syndrome, in fact my results put me at lower risk for any issues than the norm.  Yay, good news there!  He gave me my ultrasound order for 2 weeks from now, and I will be able to find out if Bean is growing well and if I’m right or hubby’s right on gender!  I’ll be scheduling that appointment tomorrow, and since we were out and had to go to Target for a prescription cream, even though we don’t know the gender yet, we still had some fun adding some necessities and gender neutral items to our registry!   :) 

Favorite Kitty Pic Friday will be back on track this week.  Have a good week until then!

PS – If you haven’t done it yet, vote on baby Bean’s gender on the right sidebar!  2 weeks to go!

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  1. Aw, poor kitty is right. Some very cute pics of your cats you have here. Congratulations on your pregnancy - enjoy this exciting time! :-)


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