Friday, December 17, 2010

Favorite Kitty Pic Friday!

I know I have posted anything in 2 weeks.  I even skipped this post last week.  I’ve been somewhat busy, especially this week now with Christmas only being 1 week away, and last week was a very physically, mentally, and emotionally tiring week.  I will have a post on that (hopefully) tomorrow, since I haven’t been able to finish typing it up yet, due to emotions and lack of extra time.
It is Friday today though, so TGIF!  I wanted to make sure I got this post in today, because I have a few very cute Christmas-y pics of my kitties from when they were babies.  My choice for today (I picked 2):
100_0340 We have an artificial tree, and this was the first year they ever experienced a Christmas tree.  I’m estimating them to be about 4 months old at that time.  So, in the middle of putting it up, Jasper decided it looked like a fun thing to climb and perch himself on.  This was not the last time we found him perched in the tree – but it was worse once all the ornaments were on.  We lost a few glass balls that year…
Dusty tried climbing the tree at least once, but definitely seems to like to cuddle up under it on the tree skirt more often.  To this day, they don’t try to climb the tree anymore since they are both too big to fit up inside, but Dusty can still be found under it sometimes, along with Japer, who is mainly under there to play with all the ornaments around the bottom that he can reach.  We decided to replace the broken glass balls with shatterproof ones, and the rest of the ornaments on the bottom are harder to break.  We do still have lots of breakables, but we don’t seem to clean up as many, if any at all, each year they get older.  Though I may be replacing my string of colored lights soon…Jasper apparently thinks they are candy and chews on them.  We stop him as soon as we catch him, but some of my colored lights now look clear!
Have a Christmas fun-filled weekend!  Tomorrow’s (hopefully) post will be on a very serious note, with much sadness from me.  Just a warning.  I wanted to make sure I posted this today though.

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