Sunday, February 19, 2012

Project 365: Week 7 (I think…)

I had to double check on the week.  I got so far behind in posting before, and time is really flying (Bean will be 8 months old on Thursday!), I had to check myself on what week we were on.  Plus I am really really tired as I type this post from a not-so-great night last night.  Here are my photos from this past week:

Day 43 (part 1): Some peek-a-boo fun in bed first thing in the morning.

Day 43 (1)

Day 43 (part 2): Not as cute as the first shot, but a little brighter and easier to see.

Day 43 (2)

Day 44: Bean's slightly early Valentine's gift from his Great Grandmom. He absolutely loves this giant monkey - it's bigger than him! :)

Day 44

Day 45: Happy Valentine's Day! Sadly, this was the extent of hubby and I's celebration this year. Just came on a busy day, and we're boring.

Day 45

Day 46: Just hanging out with me on the couch, watching a little Chica the chicken puppet on Sprout TV.

Day 46

Day 47: This is where he sits when I take a shower (yes, he's strapped in). It was pushing naptime as I was finishing up in the bathroom, and all of a sudden I realized he was quiet. He decided to just take his nap right then and there.

Day 47

Day 48: Feeding Bean has become a ridiculous event. We have to watch Sprout TV, play with a toy, and I have to sneak the bottle in around the toy....

Day 48

Day 49: Out to eat with all Bean's grandparents and his uncle. First time in a restaurant high chair! :)

Day 49 

I hope you are all having a great weekend!  If you are here from Laura’s blog, welcome and thanks for stopping by!  As you can see I don’t get to blog too much lately, but I am still looking for guest bloggers if you are interested!  I’d like to keep more content on the blog than I am able to post lately, so that my current readers and any new readers still have something to come here for!  Please message me or leave a comment if you would like to guest blog for me.  It can be about anything you want, I just as that there not be a lot of curse words or anything else offensive (also, no politics – I don’t discuss politics to begin with, and I don’t want it on my blog).  Thanks for stopping by!  Have a great week!

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