Thursday, October 27, 2011

4 months old!

Wow!  Time is going fast!  Bean is already 4 months old!  He was 4 months old on the 23rd, but we just had his well visit yesterday.  So here are his stats up to now:

Birth:  7 lb. 3.7 oz., 19 in.

2 months:  10 lb. 7 oz., 22.25 in.

4 months:  12 lb. 11 oz., 24.5 in.

He’s gained a total of 5 lb. 7 oz. since birth!  It puts him in the 10th percentile for weight and 25th percentile for length.  We still have a little peanut.  :)

He can now sit up assisted, holds his head very well, puts weight on his legs sometimes when you hold him in a standing position, and is reaching and grabbing at everything to put it straight into his mouth.  He is very “chatty” these days, but not much in the consonant sounds yet.  He hasn’t rolled yet, but the doctor wasn’t concerned.  Tummy time is going a little better – he holds himself up on his elbows and tolerates about 5 minutes now before he gets frustrated and yells at the floor.  No crying and screaming at the floor anymore unless you leave him yelling at it for too long.  Literally yells at the floor.  I wonder if he could talk what words he would be using.  ;)  His sleep has gone downhill though, but we were told what to do to try to get him to sleep better.  This visit required all the same vaccines as last visit, but for some reason, he’s not tolerating them well this time.  He’s had a fever and has been extremely cranky.  He did sleep pretty well last night though!  He’s still eating every two hours, with only a half hour nap between every feeding.  We’re allowed to start him on solids now, so we bought a box of rice cereal to start.  I know some people like to wait until 6 months, but this is our decision as parents, and we have decided to try now.  Well, this weekend anyway, since he was cranky and feverish today.  The fun mess we’re in for with that!  So overall, he is growing well and hitting milestones pretty well also.  He also had his first cold this past week, so that was no fun!  My poor sick baby.   :(

Here are some photo comparisons of each month:

4 weeks old - 3 4 weeks old

8 weeks old

8 weeks old


3 months old


4 months old!

Maybe when I get the chance, I will do a photo heavy post.  We certainly have enough of them to share!  Right now, I must go change what I think is a poopy diaper (you know, because I just changed him right before!), and see if he will take a little snooze while we eat.  Have a great TGIF and weekend!

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